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The Exhibition and Conference «Ingredients and Additives»

In the period from April 26 to 28, 2022, the Skolkovo Technopark hosted a business event Ingredients and Additives, which included an exhibition with a rich conference program. The event was organized by the international exhibition company MVK.

VAST Perfume Salon 2022 was held in Moscow

VAST Perfume Salon 2022, the traditional spring event of the Perfume Club of Russia, was held at Hotel National in Moscow on April, 22.


Well-Aging: the Paradigm Shift
Krasney E.

The desire to delay aging is timeless. The search, for more and more cosmetic ingredients that can answer this challenge, does not stop.

in-сosmetics Global Awards 2022

Despite the difficult situation in the world, the ban on the supply of raw materials to Russia and the impossibility of the participation of domestic companies in international industry events, the magazine Raw Materials & Packaging keeps on publishing reviews of exhibitions held abroad, and especially awards. After all, prestigious competitions always demonstrate innovations and industry development vectors, inspire and motivate.


Peptides Against Skin and Hair Aging

Cosmetics, effects of which is directed against skin and hair aging is not only the largest segment of the cosmetics market, but also its locomotive. It’s already several decades now as peptides have taken pride of place among the ingredients, ensured the effectiveness of these products.


The Toothpaste Sale in Pharmacies

DSM Group presented a review of toothpaste sale in pharmacies for the first half of 2021.

The Russian customers’ behavior has changed in recent months

According to marketing reports, the Russian customers’ behavior has changed in recent months.


Maria Bogun: I am more than sure that there has always been, is and will be the only trend – product efficiency

The creation of an own brand is a complex and delicate process, especially, against the backdrop of crisis phenomena in industrial production and the economy. However, in recent years, the number of niche and indie brands has only been growing. Maria Bogun, the founder of brand M. Bogun said about how to launch one’s own cosmetic brand and also to survive in difficult economic conditions, how to find the right raw materials and packaging. Maria Bogun told in an interview with our magazine about promotion channels and sales tools, about development opportunities and cooperation with contract production.


Merkulov D.A., Ph.D. (Chemistry), Chief Specialist of the Department Technological Developments and Innovations Synergetic LLC

Carboxymethylinulin is an anionic functional biopolymer based on D-fructose. Carboxymethylinulin shows high efficiency and a synergistic effect with classical water softening agents in household chemicals’ formulations. Carboxymethylinulin is widely used in eco-friendly fabric washing powders and gels, dishwasher detergents, hard surface cleaners and other products.


«Green» Packaging is our «Tomorrow» or Marketing Sign?
Leonov R., Editor of

For a number of years already, the industry news has been dominated by the topic of innovations related to reducing the pressure on the environment. And, although, producers report on obtaining environmental certificates, introducing innovative technologies and samples at various exhibitions, the same assortment of packaging remains on store shelves. Let’s find out why.


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Equipment for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals manufacturing

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