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Croda: новый инкапсулированный комплекс для nail-продуктов


NailHero™ is an encapsulated nail care complex with proven efficacy in nail polish systems, designed to deliver rapid results. NailHero™ helps to swiftly strengthen the nail and provide a consumer perceivable improvement in appearance and brittleness after only 15 days. Компания Croda выпустила новый продукт для ухода за ногтями NailHero™ – инкапсулированный комплекс активных ингредиентов, заключенных…

The cream of in-cosmetics’ innovators revealed


in-cosmetics Global, Amsterdam, 17-19 April, Innovation Zone Awards 2018 in-cosmetics Global last night unveiled the winners of its Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards 2018 – a celebration of the most cutting-edge personal care ingredients that have been launched in the past six months. Ingredients businesses large and small battled it out for Gold, Silver and…

Традиционная китайская медицина и современные технологии для красоты глаз

SpecKareTM EyeS100 is the new active ingredient by Spec-Chem Group, lunched at PCHi 2018. It combines the secrets of traditional Chinese medicine and the achievements of modern science. Active consists of Poria cocos extract – this mushroom, traditionally used in Chinese medicine as diuretic, and two peptides (Dipeptide, which is angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor and Acetyl Tetrapeptide…



Nature is an ecosystem and human activity must respect it if we want to offer a future to the next generations. The Sustainable Development is the core value of the Solabia Group that drives its R&D innovation as well as its industrial action plan. Decreasing the water consumption, encouraging the use of recycled raw materials,…

Новый уровень в окрашивании волос с технологией от Kao


Kao Corporation has launched the new hair coloring product @Pure Pigments under its professional salon hair care brand Goldwell in Europe in March 2018. @Pure Pigments use the HD3 Dye Technology, which is based on a new nonreactive hair dye developed through joint research with FUJIFILM Corporation and Dresden University of Technology in Germany.

VENN Skincare запатентовала технологию солюбилизации

Since its launch in November of 2017, VENN Skincare, Inc. has revolutionized the skincare industry with an effective all-in-one formula featuring advanced technology, powerhouse ingredients, and clinically-tested results. Based on over 20 years of research, VENN Skincare is proud to announce the filing of an international patent for its groundbreaking technology: Solubilization Technology – the water…

SILAB Unveils its Microbiota Platform


True to its investment strategy at the service of innovation, SILAB is officially unveiling its Microbiota Platform that was created over a year ago. Multidisciplinary, this specialist platform boasts the expertise and technologies required to investigate, in a cross-cutting and complementary manner, the microbiota of the skin’s ecosystems on the one hand and that of…