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Dermofeel® viscolid – a new, natural oil thickener


Dermofeel® viscolid is a natural oil thickener for pure oils and W/O creams made purely from vegetable raw material. It solidifies liquid oil phases and creates a soft-creamy texture with oils with no change of sensorial profile. This product creates soft-solid oil gels that melt on the skin and is ideal for massage products.

AAK Shea Butter Family


Since 1990, the company AAK, Sweden, has been developing original functional oil. Today AAK offers a wide range of products based on shea butter with desired properties – the so-called “family shea oils” that are suitable for all types of cosmetic formulations from light lotions to body oils, as well as shampoos and hair conditioners.

PCHi-2015: Best show in eight years


Held between 12 to 14 March, the eighth edition of the Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) trade show (www.pchi-china.com/en) signed off successfully in Guangzhou after hosting 9,292 unique visitors over three days. Significantly exceeding last year’s figures, PCHi 2015 raised the bar as it achieved a 13,5% increase in visitors over PCHi 2014 (8,189),…

ISO 41 981 – comparative evaluation guidance of the hand dishwashing effectiveness.

This International Standard establishes guidelines for carrying out comparative tests for determining the principal performance characteristics of detergents, solid or liquid, for domestic hand dishwashing which are of Interest to the consumer. It lists and defines the performance characteristics considered; it gives details of the variables to be considered, indicates their significance and provides a…

Why products don’t work the way they promise…


When a product doesn’t work the way you’d hoped, there are 3 main reasons why. This article will take a look at some fundamental elements to improve the performance of your product range. Reason #1: Formulation incompatibilities There are some materials which can’t be used in the presence of other materials if you want to…

The use of phospholipids in cosmetics


Phospholipids (EU) are valuable multifunctional ingredients that are extremely useful for formulators. These chemicals are composed of fatty acids (EU), a glycerol unit, a phosphate group, and a polar molecule. Phospholipids are also a class of lipids that are a major component of all cell membranes due to their ability to form lipid bilayers. Lecithin…

Mirapol® polymers for hard surface cleaning

For producers of household cleaning products SOLVAY introduces MIRAPOL SURF S polymers with surface modification properties. Being introduced in a formulation these polymers will save time and efforts during cleaning. The product range includes polymers both for traditional and for modern surfaces.

Evolution of laundry products: movement to the ideal sustainable detergent

Significant reduction in water and energy consumption was imperative to make the laundry process more sustainable for the planet. Sustainable laundry process needs sustainable detergent. What is it? The ideal sustainable detergent should consist of 100 percent renewable materials, preferably biological materials such as enzymes. In the market, these products need to be offered at…