Nature is an ecosystem and human activity must respect it if we want to offer a future to the next generations. The Sustainable Development is the core value of the Solabia Group that drives its R&D innovation as well as its industrial action plan. Decreasing the water consumption, encouraging the use of recycled raw materials, limiting the production of waste, developing active ingredients by integrating upstream environmental criteria are some of the key actions reported within its CSR policy. In order to address this objective, Solabia will propose during In-Cosmetics Global 3 novelties: – SOLAGREEN® SUPERFLUIDS TECHNOLOGY: a technology of high-performance ecoextraction – BlueShield®: an active ingredient obtained from the cold pressing of red bell peppers – Fucogel®: New version in powder without preservative for other opportunities of cosmetic formulations. Additionnal information: New scientific data to explain its neuro-soothing mechanism of action.

Specialized in plant conventional extraction mainly using natural solvents, Solabia is moving toward Eco-conception to be closer to the Green Engineering Excellence and developed a unique industrial bifunctional equipment and related extraction processes:

The SOLAGREEN/Superfluids Technology is based upon the complementary extracting properties of two Superfluids: The subcritical water and the supercritical CO2, used separately or combined within two-steps process. This High performance eco-extraction aims to enhance the exploration of plant phytochemistry by focusing on molecule polarity (from polar, weakly polar to non-polar ones) while sublimating the best that Nature has to offer. This global technology and its 2-in-1 equipment form a coherent whole and allow to screen and optimize the extraction of some specific molecules and molecular families of interest for skin and hair applications. The SOLAGREEN SUPERFLUIDS TECHNOLOGY is providing many environmental benefits such as energy saving (strong decrease of the extraction time), use of non eco-toxic and non-organic solvent, procurement of biodegradable active ingredients with post-production plant recycling, compliance with COSMOS Standards… From the development of inspirational extracts and active ingredients to the proposal of exclusive customized projects, SOLAGREEN® SuperFluids Technology offers a wide range of Eco-sustainable Green Innovation opportunities.

Developed more than 20 years ago to meet the needs of the Cosmetics industry in search of film-forming polysaccharides with moisturizing and sensory properties, Fucogel ® knows since an exponential international growth and a fame which does one of the strategic ingredients signature of the Group Solabia and the inescapable neuro-sensory active ingredient for any cosmetic formula, considering its multifunctionality “S.M.A.R.T” (Soothing, Moisturizing, Anti-Aging, Restructuring, Touch). Very often used for his multiple benefits, in the very trendy “sleeping car masks”, among others, he answers perfectly the problems of sensitive skins by limiting the irritating sensation 5 minutes after the application of lactic acid ( Stinging Test). Incorporated also regularly by the brands to increase the tolerance of their own formulae, Fucogel® was the subject of an exclusive study developed in association with Professor Misery (world reference in neurodermatology) according to a cellular model “keratinocytes / neurons” in order to better explain its neuro-soothing mode of action. So, it was demonstrated that Fucogel® inhibits the liberation of the substance P induced by an irritant mediated by the ASICs receptors (Acid-sensing ion channel). It is the first cosmetic active ingredient acting on this biological pathway! This study was published in the international review “Experimental Dermatology” and was presented to two Congresses of Dermatology in 2017: the WCI or «World Congress one Itch» and the 47th meeting of the European Society of Dermatological Research (ESDR). Other weighty novelty: the development of a powder form, FUCOGEL® POWDER, to insure a continuity into the Eco-friendly actions led by the Solabia Group, in particular in the management of water, by decreasing the volumes used in industrial processes but also by decreasing the transported water-related carbon footprint. Without preservative and very easy to formulate, Fucogel® Powder offer of new opportunities of formulations in make-up (Compact Powders, loose powders) but also in dry shampoos, talc… To conclude, “Between Nature and Technology”, the Solabia’s cosmetic slogan is more than ever representative of the Group will to combine its innovations to its strong desire to take actively part of the planet preservation.

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