REVLON Introduces Global Brand Re-launch and Declares “LOVE IS ON”

Revlon, the iconic cosmetics company, is proud to unveil REVLON LOVE IS ON, the re-launch of the brand and its first global tag line in over a decade. More than a marketing campaign, the Revlon brand is dedicating itself to inspiring love and connecting with people around the world on an emotional level. This brand cause will be seeded through all channels and across all markets.

“The idea for LOVE IS ON grew from our quest to find a universally inspiring emotion. Love is by far the most powerful and most positive. It is very important for us to evoke positivity with our new brand cause,” says Revlon President and Chief Executive Officer, Lorenzo Delpani. “Through the course of our journey to LOVE IS ON, perhaps serendipitously, we found love in Revlon. Truly, L-O-V-E is at the heart of the word REVLON. And O-N is at the end of REVLON. When you are ‘on’ you are open to all the emotions of love from attraction and adoration to seduction and passion.”

LOVE IS ON is incorporated into every facet of the marketing strategy across all global markets. The re-launch comes to life through a brand manifesto television and digital ad set to a new recording of the classic song, “Addicted to Love.” The manifesto is an inspirational love story showing the evolution of love from flirtation to infatuation to passion. In line with the new positioning, TV, Print and digital advertising will feature brand ambassadors Halle Berry, Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde.

In addition, Revlon is introducing the Global Love Beacon today, an interactive billboard in New York City’s Times Square that will allow people to share love from around the world, to the world, 24-7. Located above the Broadway Pedestrian Plaza at 1500 Broadway at the corner of 43rd Street, the Global Love Beacon features a LOVE IS ON Live camera, that captures and streams user generated “love moments” onsite. People from around the world are invited to join the conversation for a chance to have their photo or message featured on the Global Love Beacon billboard by showing their love via social media using the hashtag LOVEISON.

“The new mission of our brand is to inspire love. From the moment a woman puts on Revlon makeup, we want love to captivate her imagination; to take her on a journey into the world of love, where she will be enchanted by its countless dimensions,” says Mr. Delpani.

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