Home and Personal Care Ingredients Central and Eastern Europe Exhibition and Conference

(Russian) 28 - 29 September 2016, Warszaw, Poland

EXPO XXI, Warszaw, Poland

The Home and Personal Care Ingredients Exhibitions and Conferences are the B2B communication forums for emerging and new markets. They are cost-effective exhibition platforms for all suppliers of ingredients and services to the home and personal care industries in areas where the markets are growing and vibrant.

HPCI Conferences give latest and important information on the developments in R&D, new formulations and regulatory issues in the fields of cosmetics and detergents and fragrances.
The HPCI Exhibitions offer visitors insight on new services and ingredients – and a meeting place to discuss questions face to face with peers.

HPCI concentrates on fast developing markets, which are in the focus of business interest now and in the future. The next Exhibitions and Conferences will be held in Warsaw (Poland),Mumbai (India) and Istanbul (Turkey).

HPCI Exhibition and Conferences are organized by SOFW


HPCI Organizing Office

Verlag fuer chemische Industrie
H. Ziolkowsky GmbH
Alte Schule Burg
(Dorfstrasse 40)
86470 Thannhausen
Organizing Team

Exhibition Organisation
Siegfried Fischer
T: +49 (0) 8281 79940-31
F: +49 (0) 8281 79940-50

Contact in Polish language
L. Brud
T: +48 515 984 627

Sales China
Yan Wang
T: +86 21 32180566, 62530197,
+86 1880 2192 434
F: +86 21 62153669

Sales Americas
Johanna Williams

Congress Director
Siegfried Fischer

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