Различия в увлажнении и функционировании кожного барьера у людей разных национальностей

In introducing our CORNEOCARE concept at last year’s in-Сosmetics event in Paris, DSM Personal Care once again signaled its strong commitment to epidermal science. And now we are delighted to be able to share new scientific insights into facial hydration and barrier function among different skin ethnicities, as we achieve another major step in our…

CoValence launches its newest “99 Series” skincare invention: Stem99™

Following the resounding success of Peptide99™, CoValence® chemists have created the newest natural anti-age discovery, Stem99™. Stem99™ was designed to exclusively harness the bountiful power of Next Generation Naturals (NGN) technology and is, at its core, an organic anti-age beauty bomb that is comprised of an astonishing 99% (yes, 99%) Meristems.