XX International Scientific-Practical Conference «Cosmetic Industry: Envision the Future»

International Scientific-Practical Conference «Cosmetic Industry: Envision the Future» took place for a twentieth time in Moscow on October 19-22, 2015. It was organized by Perfumery and Cosmetics Association of Russia (PCAR) with support of Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and National Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Russia.

The conference brought together more than 500 Russian and foreign specialists from 17 countries engaged in the production, development, distribution and quality assessment of perfume and cosmetic products and raw materials.
During 4 days of conference 70 reports were being presented on such relevant topics as legal changes in the industry, new ingredients for cosmetics, modern technologies and evaluation of products efficiency, market trends, nano- and biotechnologies, consumer preferences and quality, natural products.

Presentations about new ingredients and developments in cosmetic formulations were presented by Croda, KorolevPharmTech, Alban Muller International, TRI-K, Clariant, Markell Group Company, Lubrizol, Leko Style, Ros-Chimia, Seppic, Merck Group, Sederma, Evonik Industries, Solvay Vostok, IMCD Russia, Ashland Specialty Ingredients, Revada, etc.

In exhibition program «Info-Stand» took part manufacturers and distributors of ingredients for the perfume and cosmetic products on the Russian market. Participants of 2015: Azelis Rus, Bang&Bonsomer, Clariant, Cornelius Rus, COSMO International Frаgrances, Croda, Sederma, Crodarom, Evonik Industries Gmbh, Merck, Momentive Performance Materials, Interdisp, Barentz Rus, Ashland, Gem Company, Markell Group Company, Leko Style, Milorada, Russo Chemie, Rushimset, BASF, NovaCom, C. H. ERBSLÖH, SEPPIC, Angel Consulting s.a.s, Coptis, Ika-werke, Lipoid Kosmetik AG, Servis-Khim, Natural Ingredients.

The Best Technologist Contest was held for the seventh time. Once again a major international fragrance house CPL Aromas and supplier of fragrances and raw materials for cosmetics NovaCom were the sponsors of this Contest. The packaging was provided by Lumson. The participants were 18 technologists of Russian manufacturers of cosmetics such as Avanta, Mirra, Faberlic, Biolit, KorolevPharm, Realcosmetics, Unilever, Fitoprom, Dow Corning, Aseptica and others. Each participant made body butter with one of the three fragrances presented by sponsors. The overall winner was Natalia Yakubovich from Faberlic. Sales Manager of CPL Aromas William Hamilton invited the winner to the branch office of CPL Aromas in Germany to training of creation of personal perfume.

During the conference the Young Scientists Contest was held for specialists of cosmetic industry under the age of 28 years. The winner was Anastasia Pontryagina (MITHT, Moscow Technical University). The title of her work was «Developing High-Foaming Compositions of Cosmetic Use with Mild Natural Surfactants». SPLAT, the sponsor of the contest, chose scientific papers of three contestants: Elena Eremeeva («Natural Cosmetic: Perspectives of Lamiaceae Plants» from Natural Ingredients), Anastasia Kantan and Viktoria Razumova (both – Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology) with papers «The Use of Black and Red Currant Leaves Extracts in Cosmetic Products» and «Improving of Oils Biological Efficiency in the Formulations of cosmetic Products». The papers were awarded with diplomas «For an interesting solution introduced in the scientific paper» and excursion to Organic Pharmaseuticals (SPLAT production).

The National Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Russia with support of Technological platform «BioTech-2030» organized a programme «Science and Manufacturing: Nano- and Biotechnologies» as a part of conference. Almost all reports of this section about developments of Russian scientific centers, institutions and companies: Moscow Technical University, State Research Institute of Genetics and Selection of Industrial Microorganisms («Genetika»), KorolevPharmTech, Timiryazev Institute of Plant Physiology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University, CBS VITA and other.

The conference agenda included section «Consumer Preferences and Quality of Cosmetics». Speakers covered issues related to the new interstate standard of the Customs Union on the declared consumer characteristics, problems of quality assessment, market trends and portrait of the modern consumer.

The special programme «Natural Products in Russia: New Prospects for Business» was organized by PCAR jointly with InterCHARM-2015 and the system of voluntary certification of natural and organic perfumery and cosmetics «BIO.RUS». Speakers reported about standartization of natural products (PCAR), specifics of eco-friendly production (SPLAT), building of marketing concept of naturalness of brand (Unilever), eco-bio packaging for cosmetics (PackYou), natural fragrances and perfumes (Chemarome, Givaudan Rus, Nikkos-Oskol Fragrance), ecologistics (FM Logistic) and eco-design (Leonardo Design), market trends of organic and natural cosmetics (Reed Elsiever, Organica, Curious Russian in London), eco-consumer behavior (LookBio.ru&Look.Bio), sales in internet (4fresh) and specialized showrooms (L’Origine Naturelle) and much more.

PCAR and conference «Cosmetic Industry: Envision the Future» celebrated twenty years. Association became authoritative and recognizable both on cosmetic market and in government structures. PCAR hopes that research and practice activity in next decades will be successful, fruitful and useful for beauty industry.

Information support to the conference was provided by magazines «Cosmetic Market Today», «Raw Materials & Packaging», «Cosmetics In The Pharmacy», SOFW and internet portals www.1nep.ru, www.intercharm.net and www.cosmetic-industry.com.

The Perfumery and Cosmetics Association of Russia

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