Soothing Shave Gel

End-consumer Benefits



Ingredient Quantity (%)
A UCARE™ JR-400 Polymer 2.00
A TEA-Lauryl Sulfate (40% active) 25.00
A Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate (40% active) 12.50
A Polysorbate 20 2.00
A Deionized Water 58.50
A Preservative, Fragrance and Dye q.s


The active ingredient in this shaving gel, UCARE™ JR-400 Polymer, has been specifically developed for use in shaving products. It has been clinically proven to be effective in reducing irritation in minor to moderate pseudofolliculitis barbae or “razor bumps”.


  1. Add UCARE™ JR-400 Polymer to agitated water at 25°C.
  2. Heat to 60°C with stirring to hydrate polymer.
  3. When polymer is hydrated add remaining ingredients and mix until uniform. Cool to room temperature and add dye and fragrance.
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