On the lookout for color

“Smorodina” brand has released a new product – restoring shampoo for damaged and colored hair.
The shampoo gently cleanses, creates a thick and abundant foam, restores the damaged structure, enhances the brightness and color saturation of natural and colored hair.

Suitable for all types of scalp, including sensitive.

Thanks to a complex of natural soft surfactants from coconut creates a thick habitual foam and soft cleansing, preserves the integrity of the hydrolipidic balance and microbiome of the scalp.

The main active ingredient – a complex of vegetable proteins from soy, corn and wheat, which restores damage, reduces brittleness when combing and intensively nourishes dry ends – is responsible for maintaining the color of colored hair and healthy shine of locks.

Proteins are enhanced by almond oligopeptides and palmaria extract, which nourish the hair, protect it from chemical and UV damage, and give a stunning shine.

With regular use, color-treated hair retains its bright and rich color longer, acquires a healthier appearance: it becomes thicker, stronger and more elastic, looks noticeably more shiny and resilient.

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