Closure Clarity from GCS for McBride’s Gentelle Personal Care Range

Robert McBride Ltd refreshed its toiletries range of personal care products and used dispensing cap from GCS.

Robert McBride Ltd., Europe’s leading provider of private label household and personal care products, has refreshed its Gentelle toiletries collection using a natural oval dispensing closure from Global Closure Systems.

From the GCS Personal Care standard range, this polypropylene push on dispensing closure is being supplied by UCP in Norwich to McBride’s for shampoos, conditioners and shower gels. Gentelle Brand Manager, Nicola Bradbury stated: “McBride’s has revitalized the Gentelle personal care range to offer a tighter, more focused collection of products that appeals directly to consumers’ needs.”

The brand now offers 32 good value products under two sub-brands, namely ‘Fruits’ and ‘Essentials’. Gentelle ‘Fruits’ comprises shampoos and conditioners designed to leave hair feeling clean and smelling great, together with shower gel, hand wash, bath cream and a new female shaving gel, all of which provide distinctive fruity fragrances, such as Strawberry Crush, Apple Crunch and Apricot Bliss. Gentelle ‘Essentials’ includes bath foams, shower gels, hand and body lotion and hand wash, together with men’s shaving gel and hair gels.

The dispensing closure is available from stock and offers an excellent capping solution when custom tooling cannot be justified.

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