Ball Wins Esteemed Canmaking Awards for Innovative Aerosol Packaging

Ball got two awards for its aerosol packaging and new printing method. The company helps to develop and improve canmaking industry.

Ball recently won two prestigious canmaking awards for its innovation and excellence in the printing and design of metal aerosol packaging.

Ball Aerocan received the 2014 World Aluminium Aerosol Can Award from AEROBAL, the international organization for aluminium aerosol container manufacturers, for a prototype "U Homme" deodorant can featuring Ball’s state-of-the-art Matte & Gloss printing technology. An international jury comprised of journalists from the world’s leading can magazines and packaging journals selected this year’s winners.

Using its unique printing process, Ball can combine glossy and matte finishes on a single package. The two finishes can be applied to any design or color for a contrast effect where the gloss reflects light and the matte offers a subdued soft look, so consumers are able to distinguish between the individual areas of the package both visually and through touch. AEROBAL described the packaging as "branding in perfection, presented in an exemplary manner as a prototype that is aimed at enhancing the design of the ‘U’ deodorant range."

Ball Aerocan also won a silver award in the aerosols category at The Canmaker magazine’s Cans of the Year Awards for its impact-extruded aluminium can for Unilever’s AXE body spray that were produced at Ball’s Mexican plant. An international competition sponsored each year by The Canmaker, the Cans of the Year Awards celebrate innovation in cans and closures throughout the metal packaging industry.

"Thanks to Ball’s ongoing focus on innovation and technology, we’re able to provide our customers with aluminium aerosol cans that are eye-catching, convenient and sustainable," said Daniel J. Rabbitt, vice president and general manager, Ball Aerocan, a division of Ball’s metal food and household products packaging segment. "We’re proud that AEROBAL and The Canmaker have recognized this and, more importantly, that these industry-leading packages are helping to build our customers’ brands."

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