Innovative refilling system for perfume

Ormaie presents innovation that constitutes a major technical progress for the perfume industry. A real and hitherto non-existent solution to the sustainability issues. With this glass ampoule, ORMAIE introduces a new, fun way of refilling perfume in an eco-responsible container.

The young French brand Ormaie, which uses 100% natural ingredients in its fragrances, has introduced a new development in sustainable packaging. It is an innovative refilling system for perfume – a line of glass ampoule bottles with a volume of 20 ml. They are inserted into a reusable outer container, and the fragrance in this format is convenient to use at home or take with you anywhere.
The innovation took 24 months to develop. Ormaie calls it another milestone in technical progress in the industry, as it represents a real alternative to perfume refill systems.
Ormaie’s nine iconic fragrances will now be sold in this format. Each ampoule has a different color that corresponds to a specific perfume of the brand. The reusable container is decorated with a gold lid with an original shape.

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