DRT, the French specialist of plant-based chemistry, doesn’t stop innovating! With CYCLOZONAL™, its latest aroma chemicals, DRT provides the fragrance market with a new fresh and floral note.

CYCLOZONAL™, a fresh and highly aromatic scent, is the perfect blend of marine, floral and fruity notes. This new aroma chemical completes the large range of fragrance ingredients provided by DRT. With its characteristic ozone note, CYCLOZONAL™ brings a sensation of silvery purity, much sought-after for men’s fragrances.

The intensity of CYCLOZONAL™ allows for instance to boost citrus notes of natural origin. CYCLOZONAL is the perfect top note that helps balance a composition. It is also recommended for « air care » fragrances such as scented candles and fragrance diffusers.

Shortly after the announcement of the building of its new unit in the USA – aiming at developing new products for the fragrance and terpene resins markets — DRT shows once again its capacity of permanent innovation. 8 % of DRT’s workforce is dedicated to R&D, its primary goal remaining the substitution of fossil resources by bio-sourced ingredients.

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