Cosmopack, held in Bologna from 19th to 22nd March 2015, is the landmark event organized by Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna and dedicated to the Beauty international supply chain.

This year the show presents the Cosmopack Factory, a live exhibition of the industrial process for the production of  the most famous and popular beauty products, which has characterized also the latest editions of the trade show.

The project aims at presenting the supply chain of the cosmetics industry, showing it "live": one of the excellences of Made in Italy, recognized worldwide for the quality of its services and production systems.

The Cosmopack Factory dedicated its first set-up to the lipstick, and continued for 2014 with the technological development of the powder; in 2015 it reveals the secrets of mascara.

The mascara, whose name comes from the word "mask", plays a central role in the tradition of make-up, where the eye is the protagonist of the face of a woman. The first mascara was a stick of coal dust and Vaseline, applied with a moistened brush. Today the mascara is undoubtedly the most complicated among the make-up products, the perfect combination of a high-quality chemical formula and an innovative packaging, and it is one of the key products of a pool of leading Italian industries in the world.

The Mascara Factory will unveil the supply chain of mascara in all its phases, with the help of exhibiting companies that will show during Cosmopack their personal mix of tradition and innovation.

The Mascara Factory will produce a limited edition Cosmopack Mascara, a "curling mascara" with Paraben- and

Tea-free formula, ophthalmologist tested, packaged in a PP bottle and in a folding box with a trendy design.

The Cosmopack Mascara will be produced with reduced emissions of CO2, and with a manufacturing process that will get a GMP 22716 certification: a brand-new result for production processes set up during trade fairs.

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