Wetlaid nonwovens are enjoying a renaissance

Marketing research company Smithers Apex presented the newest report on the nonwovens sector. In accordance with it wetlaid nonwovens are enjoying a renaissance in some of the older, established markets while also participating in some of the newest nonwovens applications. In some growing markets, notably wipes, wetlaid still maintains an important share. In 2014, wetlaid nonwovens will supply 190.6 tonnes or 4.9 billion square metres to the global market, valued at $534 million. Smithers Apex forecasts annual growth of 5.1% to reach $686 million by 2019.

The wetlaid process is the most versatile in its ability to process diverse fibre types, from still glass and carbon to cotton and abaca. This versatility offers both cost and performance opportunities. Wetlaid nonwovens are in an ideal position to address the globally growing demand for more sustainable products.

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