Variblend Dual Dispensing Technology Powers New Redken Blonde Idol Conditioners

VariBlend, the world`s leader in the manufacture of custom-blending, dual dispensing technology, has announced the global launch of two new hair color products from Redken, Blonde Idol Custom-Tone VioletGold daily conditioner for cool or platinum blondes and for warm blondes.

The launch underscores the growing appeal of Variblend`s patented custom-blending technology in the billion-unit global market for hair products. Further, the debut of the Redken conditioners marks the company`s first partnership with this innovative and trendsetting global fashion brand that is part of the L`Oreal Professional Products Division.

According to Tim Yerby, Variblend Vice President Operations, Redken selected the company`s 49 mm MaxiMix dispenser, which is ideal for hair products that require a larger dosage per stroke. The bottle, dispenser and cap package for Redken also features a custom label and color.

Our dual dispensing design appeals to a wide range of hair care brand owners, Yerby said. Consumers love our custom-blending feature because it is accurate, easy to use and reliable. Ours is the type of packaging that builds brands and delivers exceptional return on investment for our customers. In fact, Yerby said, reviews of the Redken product are already extremely positive, and specifically mention the packaging’s functionality and appealing ergonomics/

The Variblend system, which can also be fixed at specific settings, allows for precise delivery of two formulas of varying viscosities and flow rates. Simply rotating the dispenser head allows the consumer to select multiple formula strengths and, in the case of hair color products, vary the shade`s intensity. As the dispenser head is rotated, it changes the position of the actuating disc, which interacts with the pump pistons. When actuated, this disc pushes each pump piston at different angles depending upon the selected mixing ratio.

As a result, Variblend`s proprietary dual dispensing system is an appealing alternative for products that require ingredient separation, offer shade/color selection, or need precise mixing and blending at the moment of application.

«Variblend`s selection by a renowned company such as Redken is further validation of our dual dispenser, custom-blending technology, – said Robert Brands, President and CEO of Variblend. – The coveted hair color market is the industry’s holy grail, and it continues to grow at a rapid pace. As we strive for profitable, sustainable growth, the hair color and care market segments are particularly important to us».

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