Trend alert: make up with built-in skincare

Make up with built-in skincare is making its debut around the world. According to multiple multinationals and research institutes it’s going to be huge in 2018/2019. Are you ready for this change?
What is make up with built-in skincare?
Make up with built-in skincare is the best of both worlds. It beautifies your face while taking care of your skin. It is also called skincare based make up.

Make up with built-in skincare pioneer
LOOkX started ten years ago with make up with built-in skincare. This makes us the trendsetter when it comes to make up with built-in skincare. Founder Cindy van der Peet is a professional skin expert and MUA with just one goal: treating everybody to amazing skin thanks to her products. According to Cindy daily skin care and make up go hand in hand.

Every day women around the world use the most beautiful and effective skin care products for healthy and lifted skin. But they cover their glowing skin with make up that decreases the effects of skin care. It clogs their pores and can even cause premature ageing.

Your customers are getting smarter and more demanding when it comes to beauty products. To meet their expectations we’ve developed make up with built-in skincare. It strenghtens the effects of skin care by providing protection, hydratation and anti-ageing benefits.
— Skincare based make up
— Anti-ageing make up
— Protecting make up
— Moisturizing make up
— Clinically tested percentage of active ingredients
— With selected minerals
— Science meets nature
— Luxurious & trendy look and feel
— Easy to apply
— Unique refill system

CEO Cindy van der Peet has more than twenty years experience in the professional dermo cosmetics market. She is developing products and treatments on the highest skin improving level (cosmeceuticals, dermoceuticals and dermo cosmetics) for skin clinics, dermatologists, skin experts and beauticians. This experience is applied to LOOkX
dermo cosmetics make up for over ten years. The effects of our make up with built-in skincare are amazing. The synergy of great skincare and effective make up is the best and fastest way to great skin for every woman!

Be destinctive and be one of the first to respond to the latest trends! Become a part of our philosophy: No empty promises, just effective results.

Unique actives in colour cosmetics:
1. White truffle extract (anti-ageing, repair,
protecting DNA)
2. Blue screen protection filter
3. Stem cells
4. Vitamin E & vitamin C blends

Facts company LOOkX
2002 launch with 4 make up products
Active markets:
— (East) Europe
— Benelux
— UK
— China
— India
— South America
— South Africa

Sales channels

— Retail
— E-commerce
— Professional beauty experts
— Pharmacies
— Department stores
— Clinics
— Concept stores
— In flight
— Duty free

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