THE HEALTHY BITE: First International Conference on Oral Care Innovation

Building a bridge between industry and research, Omya hosts first ever expert summit
Oftringen (Switzerland), December 2018 – Omya, a leading supplier of oral care ingredients, is organising the industry’s first ever international conference: Taking place on 23rd May 2019 at the Seehotel Lucerne, Switzerland, registration is open now at for specialists in oral care applications, such as manufacturers, formulators, sales and marketing managers. Attendees can expect lectures from leading experts about latest developments in R&D, clinical research, materials science and consumer trends. Furthermore, Omya will present technical and expert marketing knowledge from its valued industrial partners. Networking time will round up the gathering, which is intended to be an exciting new forum for specialists involved in different aspects of dental health.

Formulation of oral care products is a fascinating and vibrant field that is growing larger every year. Nevertheless, there has thus far never been a meeting point for focused exchange on the latest findings in the field of additives and ingredients. This is changing with the first THE HEALTHY BITE conference, which will bring together leading experts in functional and active ingredients for oral care formulations from all over the world. New findings and solutions will be on display and presented to formulators to support cutting edge innovations and economic advantages. An exclusive evening event will provide invaluable time for discussion and networking, making this new forum a great platform for meeting fellow experts, making contacts and discovering the latest findings.

The Healthy Bite speakers will be:
• Prof Dr Pekka Vallittu, lecturer in Biomaterials Science at the University of Turku, Finland
• Dr Andreas Kiesow, Head of Research Group Materials Science for Dentistry & Cosmetics and Deputy Head of Department, Biological and Macromolecular Materials, at the Fraunhofer Institute, Halle, Germany
• Dr Peter Hall, Laboratory Director at Intertek Clinical Research Services, Hooton, UK
• Adrien Dromard, OCMT (Oral Care Marketing & Technology) consultant with 30 years’ experience in diverse positions in Oral Care.

In addition, Mintel, the world’s leading market research agency, will report on the latest trends and consumer demands worldwide.

For further details and to register, interested experts can visit the event’s website:

Closeup girl with toothbrush cleaning teeth at home, dental care and whiten toothpaste

Closeup girl with toothbrush cleaning teeth at home, dental care and whiten toothpaste


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