Stylo – the new way of writing skincare

Rewrite your products’ success story now. With the two brand new tube applicators, Stylo Pipette and Stylo Liner, insure precise or meticulous applications for your liquid or cream products on the skin.

Both applicators are protected with a cone-shaped protection cap. In addition, thanks to the attractive and pleasant-to-touch on/off rotating ring with arrow pictogram, the content stays where it belongs – on the skin or in the tube.

Advantages of Stylo:
• Precise application of liquid or low-viscous cosmetics
• Hygienic, easy-to-clean applicator
• User-friendly tube
• Rotating ring, cover and cap can be colored to your specification
• Guaranteed discharge and product production thanks to the rotating ring
• Available in Polyfoil®, PE and COEX

You can also leave your own mark. Order your sample now from your representative.

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