Сolor Trends 2016+ for the Personal Care Industry

Personal care chemists from around the world are about to receive inspiration like never before from Impact Colors Color Trends 2016+, an industry-leading video presentation of color trends in the personal care industry for 2016 and beyond.

– «We are very enthusiastic about sharing our vision of future trends with our clients, – said Doug Thornley, Impact Colors CEO. – We have formulated an adventurous palette of 20 astonishing pigments and effects to compliment the trends that will capture the industry in 2016 and beyond. These products create a global expression of color and texture that will add excitement and exotic flair to our clients personal care formulations».

Color Trends2016+, the seventh annual color and beauty trends forecast from Impact Colors, was exclusively developed by the highly recognized market development expert Sunny Maffeo of Sunny Maffeo Partners, LLC. Ms. Maffeo specializes in color trend forecasting and special effects in the beauty, personal care, packaging, paper, and coatings industries. Her long-range and global approach to color trends makes her truly innovative in global markets and multiple product categories.

Color Trends 2016+ comes to life through four distinct stories: Artland, Enchanted, Cosmos, and Rendezvous. Each of the four fables encapsulates lifestyle and design influences from across and beyond this world.

– «Artland is inspired by the creative energy in urban environments where musicians, fashion designers, and artists express themselves in powerful ways. The color palette consists of soft nudes and blushes on the lips and cheeks juxtaposed with pops of bold contemporary chroma for eyes and nails. The Street Art look, with cheeky packaging in the form of a spray can, features umber lips, and colorfully graphic eyes. Artland is the perfect trend for chromaholics who crave the energy of color»,- said Ms. Maffeo.

Brushed brows are emphasized. Lashes bring focus to eyes. In Artland, rogue is vogue. Face is canvas. Black, white, and strong colors appear with the confidence of quick bold strokes on a fresh sketch pad. The mood is ink and the packaging is inspired by the shelves at the art store.

With Enchanted, Impact Colors journeys to a magical meadow for looks that recreate the foliage and creatures of the forest. Fairies inspire a pink pixie look while in another interpretation, the greens and browns of the trees embolden the eyes. Peacock plumage coats the nails, and lips are nectar-stained. Silver and blue, also popular in this midnight palette, combine to produce a mysterious look a new trend that promises adventure and enchantment.

Cosmos is just as it sounds a theme that features effects of deep space, cosmic gases, and starlight with sparkly, futuristic greys and fierce carbon black. The trend is about displaying superhuman perfection with holographic eyes, shimmering lips, and sleek prismatic packaging that is out of this world. Much like the universe, the possibilities of this trend are infinite.

Moon rocks and space punk add intensity. Eyes, lips, nails and lids sleek and sensual, are dusted with carbon, a statement to minimalism.

The Rendezvous theme reflects the glitz and glamour of high society. Champagne and luxury town cars inspire gilded eyes. High-shine lacquer nails complete with jewel box packaging. The look is all about status» – Ms. Maffeo said. High profile reds combined with the extra special effect of shimmering gold makes the look pop and set a trend.

No palette is ever complete without an interpretation of those reds. They appear in Rendezvous as lux, high society classics that are Park Avenue perfect for eyes, lips, and nails that light up the room.

Impact Colors worldwide team of distribution partners is bringing Color Trends 2016+ to market across the globe.

– «Color Trends 2016+ gives our customers more than just a peak into the future. This presentation captures the imagination and leads us from all that is today into the imaginative possibilities of tomorrow`s color, design, and creativity», – said Mr. Thornley.

The Impact Colors sample set makes tomorrow`s color trends today`s reality, – he said, providing our customers new ways to combine and package products to increase marketing allure and sales. With the application and packaging ideas in Color Trends 2016+, we are presenting our customers with an unparalleled starting point to create the looks of 2016 and beyond.

Color Trends 2016+ has been created to be shared with cosmetic industry leaders involved in development, marketing, and brand management via in a personalized forum brought directly to customers corporate sites through the extensive distribution network of Impact Colors. The Color Trend 2016+ program consists of an exciting 20-minute video presentation of ideas, concepts, and images followed by an intimate offering of 20 color proposals harmonized with each Color Trends theme.

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