Dermatologists and researchers gathered in Paris for the second SkinAlliance in Dermocosmetic Science Forum

On October 14 and 15, L’Oréal Active Cosmetics gathered 160 people, dermatologists and experts in Dermoscosmetics from 39 countries, in Paris for the 2nd edition of the SkinAlliance in Dermocosmetic Science Forum. The program consisted of 2 days of interactive sessions and workshops on 25 topics, exploring the cutting edge science behind dermocosmetic research and development, and allowing dermatologists to exchange closely with 30 international speakers, L’Oréal researchers and international scientists/

Featured scientific sessions included:
• Research and innovation, where new trends in the topics of the microbiome, skin exposome, photoaging and wearable devices in dermatology were discussed
• From Research to market, where regulations, new techniques to evaluate the efficacy of active ingredients but also emerging strategies to assess skin tolerance were reviewed
• Dermocosmetics in skin and hair care, where the role and optimization of the use of dermocosmetics in dermatological conditions, from acne to alopecia or photoprotection, were addressed

“I do not know any other international meeting bringing scientific and practical information of such high quality on dermocosmetics” says Prof. Brigitte Dréno, Head of the department of Dermato Cancerology, Director of the Unit of gene and Cell Therapy, Vice Dean for Research at the Faculty of Medicine of Nantes, France.

“Our objective is to share the high scientific expertise and the latest breakthrough discoveries in dermo cosmetics at L’Oréal with dermatologists from around the world” says Luc Aguilar, Head of Biological and Clinical Research Department.

This Forum is part of an exhaustive dermocosmetics training program proposed to more than 300 dermatologists worldwide, from South America to Asia, by L’Oréal Active Cosmetics:
• Continuous training via a scientific website giving dermatologists worldwide access to dermatology news and updates, the latest scientific publications but also videos and webcasts related to dermocosmetics

• A biennial 2 days training via the SkinAlliance forum bringing together dermatologists from all other the world, key opinion leaders in dermatology and L’Oréal research scientists

• Continuous interactions between international dermatologists members of the SkinAlliance community

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