RFID Simplifies Laundry Management to Create a Positive Work Environment for People with Disabilities

HygieClean and HID Global’s RFID technology enables people with disabilities to work in commercial laundry facility

Established in 1970, Foundation of Valais in Favor of Mentally Handicapped Persons (FOVAHM) is a foundation to safeguard and train people with disabilities.
Built and managed by the FOVAHM, the “mARTigny boutique-hôtel” was created specifically for integrating people with disabilities into a professional work environment. Currently 40 residents of FOVAHM are employed by the hotel in various roles.

The ability to integrate people with disabilities in a commercial laundry facility, while maintaining the highest level of quality required in a hotel environment, was the main goal for the hotel’s “La Romaine” laundry department. The challenge was to implement a system providing a safe, efficient environment that allows people with disabilities to work under limited supervision, while maintaining a high standard of quality. A major issue was to create a system that sorted the linens automatically to address the memory and cognitive challenges when their disabled staff member needed to determine laundry treatments for particular items. Furthermore they needed a solution to automatically identify each owner of an item, as laundry facility also cleaned the hotel linens and personal clothing items of the FOVAHM residents.

FOVAHM collaborated with HygieClean to define an efficient linen traceability system. The mission was to create a laundry system with technology that accommodates people with disabilities, while streamlining efficient operations. Due to the system’s unique requirements, it was essential to create a workflow that prevents handling errors and is easy to use.

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