Redesign of production equipment to meet growing needs

In order to meet the growing needs of manufacturers of perfumery and cosmetic products, Mettler Toledo has redesigned its equipment for control weighing.

To cater to changing needs in terms of sustainability, time and cost savings, weighting instrument manufacturer company Mettler Toledo has redesigned its new C2 Redesign Highload Checkweigher to perform real-time completeness checks on each product pack.

Dirk Bettels, Senior Project Manager at Mettler Toledo commented that this was a strategic response to the dynamic needs of cosmetics manufacturers.

“By integrating enhanced efficiency, a sustainability focus and a customer-centric approach, Mettler-Toledo aims to empower the cosmetics industry with a reliable and innovative checkweighing solution,” he said.

The decision to redesign was focused on listening to customer feedback and addressing specific needs. Mettler-Toledo has aimed to provide a checkweighing solution that is future proof, evolving with industry demands.

This redesign will offer cosmetics companies:

Improved production and flexibility
The incorporation of larger conveyor sizes, capable of supporting belt widths up to 600 mm, will accommodate diverse product handling needs. This flexibility allows seamless integration into different cosmetic production lines and contributes to operational efficiency.

Lower costs
The C2 Checkweighing portfolio introduces features such as a 50% reduction in motor power consumption and a 50% reduction in different wear parts. This in turn will simplify maintenance, improve inventory management and lower the total cost of operational expenses.

Reducing environmental impact
The redesign better fits sustainability demands, emphasizing energy savings and reduced environmental impact. By optimizing energy consumption and reducing operational expenses, cosmetics companies can align their manufacturing processes with sustainable practices, contributing to environmental responsibility.

Real-time completeness checks on product packs
This upgrade is used in the checkweighing systems C23 PlusLine and C21 StandardLine.
The new machine will perform real-time completeness checks on each product pack, so it meets the specified weight as pre-programmed into the system.

“For instance, in the case of a bottle of shampoo, the technology detects any deviation from the required weight, indicating potential issues such as missing bottles,” — explained Bettels. “This product inspection solution plays a crucial role in helping to prevent product recalls, mitigating associated costs and safeguarding brand reputation. Importantly, this functionality aligns with stringent industry regulations and standards, reinforcing compliance for cosmetic brands.”

The machine can weigh products of various weights, shapes and sizes, which makes it useful for cosmetics companies that produce a wide range of products.

According to Bettels, the system easily integrates with various systems, including customers’ enterprise resource planning. This integration offers efficient data flow and communication throughout the manufacturing process. «Connectivity through interfaces like Ethernet and OPC UA Protocol enhances compliance, brand protection and facilitates comprehensive data analysis,» he said. «This emphasis on reporting not only leads to the accuracy of checkweighing but also contributes to data-driven decision-making.»

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