Oriflame cosmetics inaugurated its production facility in Noginsk, Russia

After completing an investment of €150 m, Oriflame’s new production site in Noginsk, Russia, was officially inaugurated 18 February. The site comprises production facilities, warehousing and a distribution center. The plan is to produce shampoos, deodorants, liquid soaps, lipsticks and other cosmetic products to serve consultants and consumers in a more efficient way.

In order to consolidate production and logistics in one place, the company’s former site in Krasnogorsk was sold to X5 Retail group in October 2014, and the production of lipsticks was moved to Noginsk.

Oriflame’s facilities in Noginsk are built on a 26 ha land plot, owned by the company, and with significant focus on sustainability. The environmental-friendly distribution center (42,000 sqm) is LEED certified (silver level), being the largest industrial facility with such a certification level in Russia. 

Magnus Brännström, Oriflame CEO and President comments:

“The launch of our new factory in Noginsk is an important milestone for Oriflame, as the Russian market is, and will continue to be, essential for the company. The opening of a large production site will further support Oriflame’s sales and development in Russia and CIS. In addition, we are of course happy to contribute to the creation of hundreds of jobs in the area. We work hard to increase efficiency of our production and distribution in order to offer our consultants and consumers innovative quality products at affordable prices.”

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