M&H develops passion for natural aloe vera products

WorldPressOnline_passion-for-natural-tubesWhen Nicholas James (UK) Ltd wanted to develop their successful range of “Passion For Natural” Aloe Vera products they turned to M&H Plastics, part of the RPC Group of companies, for its expertise. Nicholas James wanted to attract new customers with improved packaging, more akin to cosmetic presentation, to create greater shelf presence and position the brand as a more sophisticated solution.

The result was a striking gloss black tube produced with an element of post-consumer regrind polymer, new graphics including photographic flexo print, silver lustre silk screen print and a distinctive bi-injected coloured cap to achieve the desired luxury look.

Peter Liversidge, Technical Director of Nicholas James commented, «We wanted to create a look that our existing customers would recognise and also attract a new market segment. The new tubes from M&H will enable us to achieve this through the quality of their manufacture, the new design and the print».

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