Long live our skin microbiota!

RAHN’s brand-new active ingredient DEFENSIL®-PURE naturally strengthens the skin’s invisible protective layer and creates the conditions for a healthy skin.

DEFENSIL®-PURE is obtained by high-techfermentation of organic gold millet. It naturally balances the skin microbiota, strengthens the skin barrier and moisturises particularly dry skin. Furthermore, it improves the complexion, and counteracts atopic eczema.

Very dry atopic skin suffers constantly from physical damage and a weakened skin barrier. This opens the door for undesired bacteria entering deeper layers of the stratum corneum and releasing toxins. These toxins can activate the inflammasome and caspase-1, leading to severe inflammation and cell death (pyroptosis).

In-vitro studies have demonstrated that the postbiotic ingredients of DEFENSIL®-PURE are able to effectively inhibit the activation of the inflammasome. DEFENSIL®-PURE promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria on the skin surface and has the potential to supplant undesirable microorganisms. A healthy microbiota will keep the host’s skin in good shape and ensure it maintains a suitable balance.

Clinical studies have shown that DEFENSIL®-PURE protects atopic skin against further damage and quickly reseals the skin barrier. It effectively rehydrates dry skin and improves the appearance of skin. A modern fermentation process with optimally adjusted parameters results in a greater release of active substances such as minerals in comparison with plain millet extract. DEFENSIL®-PURE is carbon-neutral, IECIC-listed and conform to natural cosmetics.

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