Lilybelle® by Symrise sets standards in eco-friendly fragrances and clinches prestigious Barcelona Perfumery Congress Award

23-12-15 press release Smrise BPC Award Lilybelle
Lilybelle® by Symrise got honored with the «Best Sustainable Ingredient for Fragrance» Award at the 5th Barcelona Perfumery Congress. Symrise produces the lily of the valley scent ingredient based on D-limonene from an orange juice industry side stream. The sustainable, biodegradable, and upcycled product embodies Symrise’s commitment to green chemistry and environmental stewardship. This recognition underlines the company’s leadership in sustainable fragrance solutions and aligns
with its strategy for an eco-friendlier future in perfumery.

Symrise announces that its innovative lily of the valley ingredient Lilybelle® got awarded the
prestigious title of «Best Sustainable Ingredient for Fragrance» at the 5th edition of the Barcelona Perfumery Congress (BPC), held on November 22nd and 23rd. Lilybelle® represents Symrise’s pioneering achievement in the realm of fragrance creation, particularly in the lily of the valley segment.

“This award gives a testament to our dedication to sustainability and innovation,” says Susanne Borchert, Senior Global Marketing Manager at Symrise. We wanted to develop a special fragrance ingredient for this odor sector. It should offer sustainable aspects and serves as an alternative to traditional ingredients removed from the perfumery palette. We feel delighted that such a prestigious platform has recognized our efforts.

The core of Lilybelle®’s success lies in its composition. Utilizing limonene, a side-stream raw material from the orange juice industry, Symrise has created an ingredient that is both, readily biodegradable and renewable and upcycled. This aligns perfectly with the principles of green chemistry, reflecting the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Lilybelle® goes beyond the characteristics of a sustainable product alone. It stands out for its
exceptional scent profile, offering floral, lily of the valley facets, alongside ozonic-green, watery, and airy undertones. This unique Aroma Molecule also incorporates creamy-caring aspects, making it a versatile addition to any fragrance creation. Lilybelle® embodies transparency, performance, and freshness, enhancing any scent with its distinctive qualities.

“This award reinforces our strategy towards sustainability in the fragrance industry,” continues Dr. Marcus Eh, SVP Global Marketing, Aroma Molecules Division at Symrise. “It affirms our role as a leader in innovative and environmentally conscious fragrance solutions. We remain committed to pioneering products that meet and exceed industry standards for sustainability and performance.”

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