Innovation Takes Center Stage at PCHi 2018

Fountain Awards Celebrates the Industry’s Most Ingenious Developments and Technologies
Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi), China’s choice sourcing platform for the global personal care industry, opened its doors today at the Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition and Convention Center (SWEECC) and welcomed trade professionals from around the world to a show floor that was buzzing with activity. Attendees explored innovations presented by 544 exhibitors, of which nearly 40% are international exhibitors from 29 countries and regions.

PCHi Fountain Awards

A new annual highlight at PCHi, the Fountain Awards was first introduced in 2017 to reward and spur the industry towards increasing research capabilities and developing cutting-edge technologies. At the PCHi Fountain Awards Ceremony hosted by Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (RSE), representatives of participating exhibitors and industry associations, as well as VIPs, witnessed the recognition of the innovative developments in the industry over the past year.

Joe ZHOU, Vice President at RSE, shared, “We are delighted by the enthusiastic response from the industry for this year’s Fountain Awards. The Awards gives us an opportunity to accord recognition to the significant contributions that companies and individuals have made to the personal care industry. We trust that through the myriad of platforms provided at PCHi, including the Fountain Awards, we can nurture a vibrant network of partnerships such that the impact and influence of PCHi can be felt throughout the year.”

Selected from over 100 submissions, the winners of the 2018 PCHi Fountain Awards were announced this evening. Entries were assessed against a standard set of criteria by a judging panel comprising established domestic and international scientific researchers from renowned universities and research institutions, industry veterans from top cosmetics manufacturing companies, and also experts from PCHi’s Cosmetics Science & Technology Innovation Committee (CSTIC) and the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC).

The winners of the 2018 PCHi Fountain Awards are:

Award Categories
Active Ingredients

Moisturizing & Hydrating
Ichimaru Pharcos Co., Ltd
Seppic Shanghai Rep. Office
BASF (China) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Jayu Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.
Whitening & Brightening
Azelis (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
IFF-Lucas Meyer Cosmetics
Functional Ingredients
Emulsification & Stability
Lubrizol Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Sensory Enhancement
Guangzhou Bafeorii Chemical Co., Ltd
Dow Chemical (China) Investment Company Ltd.
Evonik Industrial AG
Packaging & Machinery

Guangzhou Planck Industries Co., Ltd.
Outstanding Individuals of the Year Award
Jinke ZHOU ( 周锦珂 )
Guangzhou Logicos Biotech Co., Ltd
Kenichi ITO ( 伊藤賢一 )
Ichimaru Pharcos Co., Ltd

Enhanced Learning & Networking Opportunities for All

Apart from introducing an unparalleled range of innovative technologies to the industry, PCHi 2018 offers attendees abundant learning and networking opportunities through activities such as the PCHi Conference Program, New Technology Sessions, and Exhibitor Presentation Theatre.

Commenting on his positive experience at PCHi 2018 so far, Riven WANG, Marketing Director at UNI-POWDER by Shanghai Sciencoo Biotech Corp., Ltd, shared, “We’re launching two new products at PCHi this year and this is the largest event in our company’s calendar. One of our main objectives here is to grow our networks in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Our stand has been very busy since the show opened, and we’re very pleased with the results so far.”

Echoing his positive sentiments was, LI Dan Dan, Legal Engineer at Shanghai Chuangyuan Cosmetic Ltd., Co. She weighed in on her experience at the PCHi Conference today and said, “This is my first time attending the PCHi conference, mainly because of the relevance of the topic. The quality of the sessions was high — the information was very up-to-date. I hope to be able to attend the show again next year to keep myself well-updated on industry changes”.

A new addition to the PCHi 2018 Conference Program, the Market Entry Tactics Conference is a half-day complimentary session for international visitors who are keen to gain an overview of the regulatory climate and market trends of the Chinese Personal Care Market. Scheduled for the afternoon of 20 March, the new Market Entry Tactics Conference is a demonstration of the global audience’s growing significance to RSE at PCHi.

RSE offered simultaneous translation at the PCHi 2018 Rules and Regulations Conference earlier today to aid the international audience in better understanding the landscape and regulatory environment in China.

Furthermore, PCHi is responding to the industry’s increasing demand for content based on solid and scientific research, with the introduction of three new conference topics — Inter-Disciplinary Innovation & Academic Research, Cosmetics Life Science Technology, and University-led Pioneering Technology. Delegates will hear from academic and industry experts, and uncover the latest innovations and developments in the various fields.

Forging Ahead to New Heights

RSE today also announces the return of the PCHi Technology Summit in Autumn 2018. This second edition of the summit is slated to provide a distinct platform for vital discussions on key industry trends and issues. The annual event aims to provide trade professionals a chance to gain a better understanding of domestic market status, industry trends, and technical insights, as well as to promote cooperation within the industry.

ZHOU concluded, “Over the past eleven years, PCHi has worked hard to bridge the gap between suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors by facilitating business and providing learning opportunities. The number of exhibitors and visitors at PCHi has grown steadily with each edition, and we’re very excited to be enabling these companies’ journeys of establishing a stronger presence in Asia’s personal care industry.”

For more information, please visit, or connect with PCHi on social media.

Visit or connect with PCHi on social media for regular updates.


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