Following the launch of the acclaimed Grandiôse mascara with its famous “swan-neck™” wand in 2014, Lancôme is now reinventing the eyeliner and is unveiling its new Grandiôse Liner. Its ingenious design equipped with a clever pivot, allows for ergonomic handling thanks to its brush which folds up to 35° for clear, fast and precise application. DuPont™ Surlyn® resin remains the material of choice to perpetuate the visual identity of the Grandiôse by Lancôme product line.

Having elegantly topped the Grandiôse mascara with a perfectly transparent part containing the iconic Lancôme rose with floating petals, today Surlyn® decorates the cover of this new extension to the eyeliner.

Once again, Surlyn® met the strict specifications list as confirmed by Jérôme Liard, director, New Product & Business Development at Albéa, who was responsible for the packaging design. “Surlyn® is the only material capable of technically and aesthetically meeting the specific requirements for this design. We obviously chose Surlyn® because of its transparency but it also allowed for a practically invisible injection point, placed directly underneath the edge of the part.” The cap was injected with Surlyn® before receiving a metallic finish. The Lancôme rose was thermo-stamped and the entire piece was then varnished in gradient with a protective varnish from the bottom to the top. This is a different technique from that used for the mascara as the rose was not encapsulated with Surlyn® molding but rather stamped onto the piece. In both cases the effect is sublime.

Surlyn® is a versatile material in terms of both decoration and shaping techniques and also offers chemical resistance, haptic qualities, and consistent aesthetic properties. The new eyeliner also contains another DuPont material, adding functionality to this application. DuPont™ Crastin® polybutylene terephthalate is used in the internal wand connected to the extremely fine liner tip and in the metallized external ring. Crastin® offers excellent chemical properties in contact with the cosmetic formulation as well as the adequate mechanical properties to assure the perfect application of the product.

According to Maria Carcolé, marketing leader, DuPont EMEA Perfumes& Cosmetics, “The advanced technology and science of DuPont materials are an invitation to brands to create infinite opportunities to extend their product lines, while maintaining the functional excellence and visual identity so well recognised by consumers.”

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