Crystalide(тм) — Highlighter peptide creates a crystal skin

Sederma is elevating the Korean glass skin concept to crystal skin with its highlighter-like peptide Crystalide(тм). This IECIC approved active ingredient promotes a clear, moisturised, translucent and luminous skin. Crystalide(тм) is inspired by the very trendy highlighter make-up as this bio-harmonical peptide exerts a holistic activity in the epidermis for a natural glowy look. Crystalide(тм) preserves skin transparency by inducing the chaperone protein α-crystallin while its soft-polish effect reveals a uniform glow. This unique peptide has also been demonstrated to exert an epigenetic regulation leading to a harmonious skin maturation and improvement of the skin surface quality. In addition to a full range of in vitro tests, clinical studies have shown that Crystalide(тм) brings visible results in only 6 weeks: the skin is clear, smooth and dewy just like a piece of crystal.

This water-soluble ingredient can be incorporated into facial care, make-up, sun, after-sun and self-tanning products.




T6 weeks

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