Croda Meet Consumer Demand for Mild and Gentle Cleansing with Cromollient SCE

Croda, a global specialty chemical company, has new data showing their emollient Cromollient SCE has the ability to mitigate skin irritation caused by surfactants, meeting the growing consumer need for mild and gentle cleansing products. In addition to being exceptionally mild, Cromollient SCE provides a silky skin after feel and enhances slip, while being suitable for clear systems.

Products designed for sensitive skin are very important in the baby and child personal care market due to the delicate nature of their young skin. But sensitive skin is not just a problem for babies and children. The general mild and gentle product trend is on the rise with increasing numbers of products claimed to be designed for sensitive skin. According to GNPD Mintel 28% of all facial cleansing launches in the last year have had a sensitive skin claim. Growing numbers of adult consumers believe they have sensitive skin with a recent study showing 38% of Europeans consider themselves to have sensitive skin1 which is reflected with this increase in launches with this claim.

Benefits in Skin Care

Cromollient SCE has been shown to reduce skin irritation caused by surfactants in cleansing products. An in-vivo study was carried out showing Cromollient SCE does not cause any skin irritation and can reduce the irritation of SLS on the skin from only a 1% usage level. A second study looked at the irritation reduction potential of post-adding Cromollient SCE to 3 commercial body washes at a 5% usage level. In the in-vitrostudy, skin irritation was decreased by a minimum of 20% with all formulations containing Cromollient SCE.

Benefits in Hair Care

Cromollient SCE provides a silky skin feel and enhances slip. These properties along with the skin irritation reduction can also be utilised in hair care, especially in shampoo formulations. A leading brand baby shampoo claiming mildness on pack was post added with 5% Cromollient SCE and tested for in-vivo skin irritation properties. The skin irritation potential was reduced by 41%! Cromollient SCE can also reduce combing force from a shampoo formulation by 50%. A clinical hair care study, the total combing work and peak force of tresses treated with a shampoo containing Cromollient SCE were evaluated against those treated with a shampoo containing Polyquaternium-10 where values are given as a % compared to a control formulation with no detangling ingredients. The improvements in wet combing for Cromollient SCE tresses are dramatic with a 50% decrease in peak combing force with a 33% improvement compared to Polyquaternium-10.

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