The worldwide partner sets new records in this area and expects a 20% increase in turnover in comparison with 2015
Comexi, specialist in solutions for the flexible packaging industry, has registered a strong first half-year in the CIS and Russia markets following the positive trend of 2016, with solid performance in flexographic printing, offset printing, laminating and slitting lines.

Last year was Comexi’s record sales year in this area and the group foresees to maintain it this 2017. This increment can mainly be due to the fact that local converters have registered more orders and average prices for packaging increased which helped local producers to develop and invest in highly efficient and productive equipment to make a significant profit.

In this sense, the group’s expects to increase its turnovers in this area by 20% this year in comparison with 2015. Besides, Comexi also anticipates a very busy 2018 continuing to increase sales with the group’s entry into new regions like Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and others flexible packaging markets. “During these past years, clients have purchased all types of top quality presses, laminators and slitters and currently we are noticing a great interest of the offset printing CI8 technology by some of the largest companies in the area”, affirms Comexi’s Area Manager in this region, Rashad Ismailov. Besides, Ismailov highlights that companies are interested in this innovative printing technology for its “rapid changeovers, great time-to-market, low costs and high quality printing; the only one similar to gravure”. On the other hand, this technology is positioned as a great solution between digital printing and flexographic printing for medium and short runs.

“Comexi machines are world known for their ability to produce as much as possible thanks to their quick changeovers and easy accessibility and maintenance. At the same time, the ratio price/quality offered is considered as the best in the market”, ensures Rashad Ismailov. In addition, Comexi’s Area Manager stresses that customers consider that Comexi’s technical service and the attention within Comexi is accessible and quick, effectively answering and solving clients’ requests; standards highly valued by companies located in these areas.

Comexi F2 ML sold to Tom Ltd.
Since 2004 Comexi has installed more than 150 new machines in these territories, including more than 60 printing presses, a figure that represents a very high percentage of customers who are committed to innovation, looking for the latest technologies in the flexible packaging industry and it is a clear example of Comexi’s rapid development in these regions.

Furthermore, at RosUpack trade fair edition celebrated last June in Moscow, Comexi registered numerous visits from potential, current clients and closed one major trade agreement: the purchase of a Comexi F2 ML flexo press with 10 colours by Tom Ltd., an important Russian company which is part from KDV Group. This enterprise, mostly dedicated to snacks and food packaging, has acquired one of Comexi’s latest developments in its flexographic printing line. The Comexi F2 ML is an excellent machine designed to get the best quality at high speeds with large repeats. This press stands out for its high degree of versatility, its great profitability while maintaining the ergonomics and usability features of the Comexi F2 flexo press range.

Specifically, this is the fifth Comexi’s flexographic press that Tom Ltd. acquires and not the only Comexi flexo press the company invests in this year. This 2017 Tom Ltd. has already purchased a Comexi DUAL laminator, a Comexi SL2 laminator a part from the Comexi F2 ML flexo press. At present, this innovative company has three Comexi laminators, two more are being manufactured and will be shipped soon, five Comexi slitters and other Comexi peripheral equipment. “This new press Comexi F2 ML is a clear example of the great alliance that exists between Comexi and this important firm that has been consolidated as a benchmark company in the flexible packaging sector of Russia”, affirms Comexi’s Vice President, Ramon Xifra.

“We also have closed new commercial agreements such as the sale of a Comexi F4 and, in parallel, initiated different interesting projects in all these territories”, stresses Rashad Ismailov.

Furthermore, Comexi has just produced numerous equipment following different trade agreements with other companies. For example, Tiko Plastic acquired its second Comexi FPLUS press, which becomes its fifth Comexi flexographic press installed at their facilities.

Moreover, another of the key companies in this sector, Uniflex, has also acquired its third F4 press, a Comexi DUAL laminator with video inspection and a top-of-the-range Comexi S1 DT slitter with lasers and labellers; top gamma technologies that are added to its Comexi FUTURA holographic laminator, already running. Besides, Uniflex staff spent one week at Comexi Technological Centre, Comexi CTec, upgrading their knowledge in the lamination field. “We really appreciate their confidence with our innovative and top-of-the-range technologies. These are great investments that will enhance their production”, affirms Rashad Ismailov.

Comexi includes the Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre (Comexi CTec) where the company provides support and transfers its knowledge to the various groups involved in the flexible packaging industry process. This past September, from 19th until the 22th, Comexi CTec have carried out with great success the 10th edition of the Practical Maintenance Course in Russian addressed to Maintenance Heads, Section Heads and senior operators interested in increase their knowledge in efficient maintenance programs in flexographic presses, laminating and slitting machines. Every year, the Comexi CTec programs between 1 and 2 technical sessions in Russian language. The next one will be about the lamination field next February 2018.

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