Carolina Herrera Debuts Scent with Unique Olfactive Category

Carolina Herrera’s new scent, 212 Heroes, was created by a trio of perfumers, Domitille Michalon-Bertier, Juliette Karagueu¬zouglou and Carlos Benaim.

The fragrance features top notes of pear elixir and ginger with lemon haze cannabis.

The fragrance also features a “new olfactive category” which the brand has dubbed “Fruity Woody Fougère.” Its heart notes feature geranium oil Madagascar and sage, with a leather base.

It debuted in the travel retail market on June 1, featuring a skateboard flacon ahead of the sport’s debut at the Olympics this summer.

Herrera explained, “Skaters transform obstacles into challenges.”

Karagueu¬zouglou said, “Each variety has been carefully selected and distilled in order to carve a couture perfume.”

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