Best Ingredient Awards winners announced at in-cosmetics 2016


Givaudan and Agrimer take home Best Ingredient Awards at in-cosmetics in Paris

Givaudan (Soliance — Induchem) and Agrimer scooped the Gold awards for their Active and Functional ingredients in the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards at in-cosmetics 2016 in Paris yesterday evening.
Givaudan (Soliance — Induchem) impressed judges with its Neurophroline™, an active ingredient, which is the first generation of cosmetic products that is able to block the production of cortisol. Developed from wild indigo seeds and used in Ayurvedic medicine, this active also claims to promote the release of endorphins.
Meanwhile, Agrimer took the top prize for Best Functional Ingredient with its Seaweed Caviar, during the event’s highly respected awards ceremony. Made from narube polysaccharides, these 3D ‘shell-less’ pearls serve as vectors for active ingredients. The beads melt on the skin without the need to remove any residue.
The 2016 global show saw Gold, Silver and Bronze awards given in both the Active
and Functional ingredients categories. A total of 16 products were shortlisted by a
panel of industry experts.
In the Best Functional Ingredients category, Sigmund Kindner took the Silver prize with SiLiglam NATURE, while Ashland won Bronze with its Polyelectrolyte Complex Three (PEC3). Meanwhile, Silver in the Best Active Ingredients category went to Lucas Meyer Cosmetics with Miniporyl™, while Solabia Group took the Bronze with its Redyless ingredient.
More than 500 exhibitors and visitors gathered for the award ceremony hosted in the Restaurant Drouant in Paris, following day two of in-cosmetics 2016.
Fabrice Lefèvre, Marketing and Innovation Director for Givaudan, said of winning Gold in the Active ingredient category: “We have won four years in a row now and I feel that our luck must run out soon! The judges said the simplest factor that they judged on was whether they would incorporate this ingredient into their own brands.
You can be very innovative but if nobody would use the product, it is irrelevant. We are glad the judges deemed our innovation useful and so we are happy to have won.”
Laëtitia Têtedoux, Marketing Manager for Agrimer, which won the Gold Functional ingredient award, said: “We didn’t expect to win because we are a small company in comparison to others that entered. A lot of work went into the ingredient and it took three years to make, using very specific technology.”
The judges said: “Competition was tough with some great entries that show the direction the cosmetic industry is heading and we hope the awards have inspired exhibitors and guests alike at this year’s show.”

SEPPIC takes home top prize in Green Ingredient Award at in-cosmetics in Paris

SEPPIC scooped the Gold award for its innovative Ephemer ingredient during the Green Ingredient Award at in-cosmetics 2016 in Paris last night. The company impressed judges with its product, taking top prize at in-cosmetic’s eagerly anticipated Green Ingredient Awards, which ran in partnership with Organic Monitor.
The winning product is a gametophyte extract, taken from macroalgae cells, and grown in a laboratory and harvested at an ephemeral stage in the life cycle of Undaria Pinnatifida seaweed.
The awards saw five products shortlisted by a panel of industry experts. The Silver award went to Sederma with Majestem, while the Bronze was taken by IBR with its IBR-Pristinizer ingredient.
More than 500 exhibitors and visitors gathered for the award ceremony hosted in the Restaurant Drouant in Paris, following day two of in-cosmetics 2016.
Corinne Stoltz, Global Operational Marketing Manager for SEPPIC, said: “We are very proud to have won this award. I think it is because it is a good, sustainable, green ingredient. It took around five years to develop as it was a product of new technology — it is the first time a company is able to cultivate cells coming from micro algae. There will be many more similar products from us in the future.”
Cathy Laporte, Exhibition Director, said: “Natural and organic is a booming sector of the personal care industry. There have been a number of remarkable innovations over the last year making it a difficult category to judge, but SEPPIC is a worthy winner of this year’s Green Ingredient Award.”

Kevin Gallagher chosen for 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award at in-cosmetics in Paris

Kevin Gallagher received the coveted in-cosmetics Group Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 last night for his immense contribution to the cosmetic industry.
The public were invited to vote between three chosen nominees who were selected as finalists by a panel of experts: Kevin Gallagher, Retired President, Global Personal Care, Care & Actives, CRODA; Patrice Bellon, President of The French Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SFC) and President at COSMETOSCENT; and R. Randall Wickett, President, R. Randall Wickett Consulting.
Awarded every three years, the Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to the individual who has made a truly outstanding contribution to the cosmetic and personal care industry during their career. Kevin received his award from 2013 winner Karl Lintner.
Kevin Gallagher started as an applications chemist in 1978, and held positions in R&D, QA, sales, and marketing before moving into general management in 1989. He then became the first
President of CRODA’s Global Personal Care and Actives business, when the group structure was changed in 2014. Supporting innovation has been a key aspect of his leadership at Croda.
He said: “I didn’t have expectations of winning so it was great to be chosen. I was up against very high quality people who have done a lot for the industry — both important guys. It was special to receive the award from Karl as well as I’ve known him a long time.”
Lucy Gillam, Director of the in-cosmetics Group, added: “We’re delighted to present our third Lifetime Achievement Award to Kevin. in-cosmetics Global is where the global personal care industry gathers and there is no better place to reward someone’s achievements.
“Over the years, Kevin has been responsible for some of the most significant innovations of our time, which has helped maintain high quality standards for a number of years. There is no better
winner this year.”

Capsum takes home first Sensory Award at in-cosmetics in Paris

Capsum took home the first ever in-cosmetics Group Sensory Award in Paris last night, impressing judges with its Epure IsoBulle product. Introduced to celebrate the most innovative developments in sensory and texture, in-cosmetics presented Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in this category during its annual award ceremony. The awards saw 22 products shortlisted by a panel of industry experts.
Nikko Group — Nikko Chemicals took the Silver prize with its Merguri Series, while Technature won Bronze with its Leaf Mask innovation.
More than 500 exhibitors and visitors gathered for the award ceremony hosted at Restaurant Dormant in Paris, following day two of in-cosmetics 2016.
Isabelle Ricart, Marketing — Training at Capsum, said: “We are shocked but very happy to have won. We were quite new in the field so it is an honour to be rewarded and I hope we have huge success with the technology we have developed. I think we won because the product is visually beautiful and different — it makes it easy for the customer to believe in it.”
The judges said: “Capsum deserves the Sensory Award today for the innovation displayed in the product. The award is a fantastic new addition to the show’s portfolio and inspired many noteworthy entries, making it tough to pick a winner.”
Cathy Laporte, Exhibition Director of in-cosmetics 2016, added: “We introduced the
Sensory Bar at in-cosmetics 2016 for the first time to provide visitors with some
hands-on experience of new textures. This is a hugely important part of the personal
care industry and we’re delighted to award Capsum with our first Sensory Award.”

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