Annual Formulation Summit explores the rise of personalised beauty

in-cosmetics hosts on-trend conference — the science behind the latest marketing trend to sweep the personal care industry – personalised cosmetics. The Summit covers AI, smart technology, DNA – your personal blue-print, regulations related to bespoke formulas and much more from 24-25 October 2018

Customisation is the hot trend across multiple industries and is the topic of this year’s unmissable two-day in-cosmetics Formulation Summit – taking place at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London from 24-25 October.

The increasingly popular summit returns for its fourth year, with a full programme that will offer beauty experts scientific analysis of the personalisation trend influencing the global market.

This year’s theme Up Close and Personalised, provides cosmetic chemists with a wealth of information on delivering personalised beauty. The industry’s foremost experts will explore how algorithms are driving personalisation and answer questions such as, ‘will your choice in materials or claims make your formula more attractive to the digital assistant?’ Also covered will be the different approaches to achieving bespoke beauty in fragrance, skin and haircare and colour cosmetics, as well as ways to overcome the numerous formulation challenges.
Among the key topics being covered will be how artificial intelligence (AI), smart technology, phone apps, DNA analysis and online questionnaires are now defining the real YOU. Additionally, international experts will give guidance on cost-effective, personalised formulations designed to meet consumer expectations and lifestyle aspirations, particularly when it comes to sustainable products. Delegates will be introduced to new customised ingredients and look at the many approaches to bespoke formulation.

Opening the Summit, Dr. Barbara Brockway, Director of Personal Care at Applied DNA Sciences, will invite delegates to join in an experiment demonstrating AI in action, where, through a simple selfie photo the app matches the individual with the best anti-ageing product.

Day One’s theme is ‘Understanding your consumer’, with sessions on the trends gripping beauty personalisation and how the sector is evolving into ‘consumer designed experiences’. Later, the power and potential of the algorithm-beauty-interface (ABI) will be touched on as experts ask: ‘Are we now formulating for the customer or the computer?’

The afternoon will also see TED Talks speaker, Rogier van der Heide, Chief Strategist at Curiosity Group discuss ‘Digital beauty devices translating lifestyle needs into product – formulating the customer experience. Rogier comments: “Value to customers is all about experience and perception. The cosmetics industry can connect with customers at so many more levels, not only delivering a functional formulation but actually engaging the customer in the creation of the product. With the data we have about the customer’s preferences, lifestyle and health, we can give them not only a better product, but also a far more valuable and engaging experience.»

Ways of using DNA will be considered, with speakers exploring how our unique personal codes could be the answer to personalised beauty. The first day will close with a panel discussion chaired by Jo Chidley, Founder of Beauty Kitchen, on bringing creativity into personalisation, followed by a drinks reception.

With a focus on ‘Formulating for your consumer’, Day Two opens with keynote speaker Lauren Bowker, Material Alchemist & Founder of The Unseen and creator of FIRE Dye, wowing us with innovations in personalised haircare, followed by a session on bespoke and mass customisation. Interactive presentations on customising fragrances will explore this idea and examine how far formulators can go on that journey.

The second day will also look at the challenges for personalised haircare, innovation in customised colour cosmetics and personalised beauty examined at the microbiome level. Experts will focus on accommodating personal ideals, sustainable, natural, clean cosmetics, vegan, halal, plastic-free and more.

Finally, delegates will find out about the approaches to freshly-made bespoke products and discuss the collective results of the previous day’s interactive study. Did AI really choose the best product for them?

Roziani Zulkifli, Exhibition Manager of in-cosmetics Global, said: “Our Formulation Summit fills a niche in the market for considered, deep-level educational information across the personal care industry. Now in its fourth cycle, the event has grown year on year and we are building on this success in 2018 with a comprehensive programme dedicated to personalised beauty. It is going to be our most interesting and informative Summit yet and delegates will leave with plenty to put into practice in their own businesses.”

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