Vytrus Biotech, the Spanish company specialized in high added value active ingredients from the technology of plant stem cells, is turning 10 this year

It was June of 2009 when two young scientists and entrepreneurs, Oscar Exposito and Albert Jane, started this spin-off, from the faculty of Pharmacy of the Universitat de Barcelona, from a research group with more than 45 years of experience in the technology of Plant Cell Cultures.

10 years later, with 15 products on the market, several others in development, 5 patents behind, 4 international awards and distribution in 54 countries, Vytrus keeps growing strong and steady.

The celebration of the 10th anniversary will start in June, but will continue during the following 12 months, including big things happening at In Cosmetics Barcelona 2020, so…stay tuned!

This year has already been big for Vytrus, winning not one, but two GOLD awards for two different ingredients during In Cosmetics Global 2019, both fruit of the effort made by the company in terms of innovation and sustainability during these past 10 years:

Vytrus has launched a new range of products, the Phyto-Lipidic Fractions, with a technology that allows to extract the lipids from the plant stem cell membranes. This innovative technology is behind the new active OLEA VITAE, winner of the Innovation Zone Gold Award 2019.

Also, during these 10 years, the company has been very compromised with sustainability and good practices. Vytrus has won the 2019 Gold Green Award for the active SARCOSLIM RE-SHAPE, made with stem cells of the endangered species Sarcocapnos, for the sustainability of the technology used to develop it, and the collaboration with a conservation project of the species.

OLEA VITAE PLF is a powerful revitalizer of mature skin that fights energetic aging with a new mechanism of action: Stimulation of Mitochondrial Synapses. The active, made from olive tree plant stem cells, represents the first generation of biomimetic plant cell membrane lipids: The Phyto-Lipidic Fractions (PLF). This “Cellular Oil” obtains an astonishing anti-wrinkle, firming and repairing effect.

QUORA NONI PRCF blocks the microbiome communication signals to avoid the formation of biofilms and the development of virulence, maintaining the microbiome balance. After studies for acne and dandruff, new studies demonstrate its efficacy in body odour and feet and nail care. The active won the Beauty Industry Award 2019 for Best Use of an ingredients as a final

SARCOSLIM RE-SHAPE PRCF introduces the concept of liposculpting: a skin remodeling system that helps reduce fat, while taking advantage of the intercellular energy released through the burning of this fat, to tighten and reaffirm tissue, so specific parts of the body can be sculpted at will.

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