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Fragrance Academy
An online course designed with input from top retail, manufacturing and sales training experts, the course provides participants with a clear and comprehensive understanding of the fundamental skills needed to set and maintain the high standards of professional performance and service excellence in the fragrance industry.

The Fragrance Academy Course Syllabus

Course Description:
The Fragrance Academy offers a robust state-of-the-art introductory certification course on the art, science and selling of fragrance. The course is designed with input from top retail, manufacturing and sales training experts to provide participants with a clear and comprehensive understanding of the fundamental skills that are instrumental in setting and maintaining the high standard of professional performance and service excellence in
the fragrance industry.

Course Topics:
Perfumery and structure; selecting fragrances through classification and storytelling; understanding the consumer and the marketplace; sales strategies and techniques for selling fragrance

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course, you will gain knowledge of:
The history and development of fragrance including how fragrance became a
multibillion-dollar industry and the influence of fashion on shaping its trends
The basic structure of a fragrance along with commonly used ingredients, fragrance
strengths, notes and the role of perfumers
The difference between the typical approach to fragrance selection, by notes or
classification, and an emerging, modern way called storytelling
How to formulate your fragrance story and share it with others
Fragrance trends in today’s marketplace including where and how to shop
How to extend the life of a fragrance and create personal bespoke scents through
layering different products and forms of scent
Customer mindsets and preferences to better fulfill their needs
The key fundamentals of engaging the customer and influencing their purchasing
decisions through the storytelling method
Techniques to discuss the features, advantages and benefits of multiple products to
influence purchasing decisions
Broadening your customer base and building loyalty with simple closing and
customer relations management communication techniques.

Methods of Instruction:
The Fragrance Academy is presented in 4 Lessons, each with multiple chapters, and can be completed at the participant’s preferred pace. Questions, assignments, quizzes and learning activities taken throughout the course will not be graded; however, completing the course in its entirety will facilitate passing the final certification exam. The course is designed to
ensure you gain a rich foundation on which to further pursue studies related to fragrance and career achievement.

Course Outline
Lesson 1: Perfumery and Structure
Summary: Gaining a basic understanding of the history, development and structure of fragrance, including how fragrance reflects society at large, the role of perfumers, how fragrances are composed and common notes, is essential to developing your olfactory expertise and knowledge of the art of fragrance.

Learning Objectives:
History of fragrance
How the development of fragrance in the 20th Century mirrored larger societal shifts
The role of perfumers in developing fragrance
Top, middle and base notes
Common fragrance notes and their place in the structure of fragrance

Lesson 2:
Choose Your Fragrance: Storytelling vs. Classification
Summary: Most consumers are trained to speak about fragrance in terms of classification – citrus, musk, woody, etc. It is important to have an understanding of these classifications as a consumer and a fragrance sales specialist. Furthermore, the storytelling method helps consumers speak about fragrance in a new way, allowing the sales specialist to form a deeper understanding of what fragrances would be best suited to them.

Learning Objectives:
To understand how fragrance likes and dislikes are formed
The traditional approach to fragrance selection based on classifications and common families
The modern approach to fragrance selection based on storytelling
Methods on how to develop stories around fragrance in order to help with selection
Lesson 3: The Consumer and the Marketplace
Summary: The more you know about current fragrance offerings and the always-evolving retail landscape, the better your understanding of what to look for in-store and online. Forthe fragrance sales specialist, understanding the variety of fragrance forms and uses, products and emerging trends, allows you to expand customers’ fragrance wardrobes, introduce new ideas and become a trusted consultant, driving sales and loyalty.

Learning Objectives:
Identify current trends in fragrance along with examples of fragrances that fall into each
Name the five major outlets for fragrance shopping and the advantages of each
Explain the different forms of personal fragrance and the strength of each
Report on layering fragrance forms to achieve long-lasting effects and create bespoke scents
Lesson 4: The Fragrance Professional
Summary: Sales success depends on expertise in the fundamentals of engaging the customer and staying informed about their individual needs. The storytelling method can help you help them make informed decisions and choose fragrances that they are more likely to connect with. An extensive knowledge of your products, product lines, and how to engage different types of customers is critical to building trust and loyalty. The more you
know, the better equipped you are to guide customers in their personal fragrance journey and make the experience more enjoyable, educational and fun.
Learning Objectives:
How people communicate and the importance of positive body language
Connecting to different types of customers using specific techniques for each
Engaging customers to share their stories in order to help recommend fragrance options for themselves or others
Presenting fragrances to your customers
How to effectively demonstrate a fragrance
Explain fragrance layering and utilization to link sell fragrance products and ancillaries
Understanding the three main ways to close a sale with the ability to execute a direct close, an assumptive close and a choice close
Gaining the ability to answer customer concerns and questions using the “felt found” and “share a little more” methods
Use best practices for building and maintaining customer loyalty

Course Certification: Final Exam
The Final Exam covers material from all 4 lessons of The Fragrance Academy using multiple choice, true/false and drag and drop questions. Once started, the exam must be completed in one sitting. If the student exits the exam before submitting the final question, it will be counted as an attempt and the exam will be graded at that point. Any unanswered questions will count as an incorrect answer. Please allow at least 1 hour to complete the
exam. Each student will receive two attempts to pass the final exam.
Students scoring a 70% or higher on the final exam will receive their “Expert” certification.

The personalized certificate may be downloaded directly from the course website and a pin will be mailed to each student.

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