Tekni-Plex Creates New Organizational Structure, Setting Foundation for Growth Strategy

Tekni-Plex Reorganizes
Tekni-Plex has reorganized its business structure into two key market-focused divisions: Tekni-Plex Healthcare and Tekni-Plex Consumer Products.

The reorganization is part of an intensive, eight-month planning effort to evolve Tekni-Plex into an innovative partner leveraging proprietary material-science application knowledge to provide solutions that make the world healthier and more sustainable.

“These are exciting times at Tekni-Plex. We are working hard to build an exciting roadmap for growth – leveraging an incredible foundation of people, intelligence and resources to elevate our role and value for our partners and create growth and development opportunities for our people,” said Brenda Chamulak, Tekni-Plex president and CEO. “We will partner with customers to advance healthcare technologies and lift world-leading consumer brands.”

The reorganization includes redefining how the company will deliver game-changing product solutions to customers. Tekni-Plex Healthcare will be responsible for all diagnostic, drug delivery and medical device products. Tekni-Plex Consumer Products will cover all other products in the food, personal care and beauty and home markets.

“This is just one step in a very big effort to redefine what we offer our customers and how we can help them achieve better patient outcomes and a greater brand experience for consumers,” Chamulak said.

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