Success for Croda’s Clear Cleansing Massage Gel Formulation at the 2017 Cosmetagora Formulation Contest

Croda International Plc, who create, make and sell speciality chemicals, was delighted to receive the Bronze Innovation Award for its novel Clear Cleansing Massage Gel formulation. The Cosmetagora Formulation Contest recognises formulation innovation within the personal care and cosmetic industry, with this year’s award ceremony taking place at the end of the first day of the show on 10 January 2017.

The Clear Cleansing Massage Gel formulation is a perfectly transparent micro emulsion gel with an extremely soft skin feel and skin play. It uses Cithrol™10 GTIS to create the micro emulsion as well as for its excellent cleansing properties, especially for pollution and fine particles exposed skin. The formulation is stripped of unnecessary ingredients with a back to school soap emulsion process by neutralisation of Prisorine™ 3505 a very light branched fatty acid.

This is the second time that Croda has been honoured at Cosmetagora, with Croda’s Ice-Cream formulation winning the Cosmetagora “Coup De Coeur” formulation in January 2016. The Ice Cream formulation impressed the judges with its unique appealing visual texture alongside its light and cooling sensation felt during application.

Croda showcase its great formulation work from its teams around the world in the ‘Be Skinspired’ formulation campaign. The campaign centres on the periodic unveiling of exciting, novel skin care formulations, harnessing the global power of Croda’s wide and diverse product portfolio. The truly inspired skin care formulations contain novel Croda ingredients, natural botanical ingredients from Crodarom and ingredients from Sederma’s range of skin care actives. Combining these essential building blocks is a winning formula for the creation of the perfect total formulation package.

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