SEPAWA Congress® 66 Years of Growth

The annual SEPAWA Congress® is the groundbreaking event for the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics and fragrance industry in Europe. With over 150 lectures and poster presentations and above 260 exhibitors, the SEPAWA Congress® offers a wealth of information to more than 3,000 participants. The Congress is therefore the European communication platform for experts in the above-mentioned fields.

International experts lecture about the latest knowledge and experience. The extensive possibilities for company presentations within the framework of the congress create a professional environment for customer loyalty and new acquisition.

Within the annual SEPAWA Congress®, the European Detergents Conference (EDC), the German Corporation of Perfumers (DGP), the German Association for Scientific and Applied Cosmetics (DGK), the TEGEWA association together with the SEPAWA e.V. join their intellectual forces. Together, these associations design the annual lecture program of the SEPAWA Congress®.

Innovations are key to growth and competitiveness. Within the framework of the congress, SEPAWA will award three prizes for exceptional innovations in companies which participate in the congress either as exhibitors or as lecturers.

SEPAWA e.V. specifically promotes young scientists. At the congress, up to eight excellent bachelor, master and PhD students will receive awards. Also, a sponsorship prize will be given by the Expert Division Detergent Chemistry of the German Chemists Society.

An attractive social program supports and promotes social and personal contacts.

More information can be found at: #sepawacongress
Why should you visit the SEPAWA Congress®?
• 110 lectures on the subjects of washing, cleaning, cosmetics and fragrance
• Meet over 260 international suppliers at the exhibition
• Interact with more than 3,000 experts from the industry and talk real business
• Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with colleagues and partners at the Social Events
• Berlin is well worth a visit

SEPAWA e.V. — The European Home and Personal Care Association
With more than 1,600 members, SEPAWA Europe is one of Europe’s largest professional associations for the detergent/cleaner, cosmetic and fragrance industry. The trade association sees itself as a communication platform for experts from the industry, universities and authorities.

The SEPAWA e.V. enables the close exchange between science and practice, resulting in technical economic progress and actively contributes to the promotion of qualified young scientists.

SEPAWA e.V. also supports chemistry lessons in schools by issuing free experimental kits.

In 2016, an endowment professorship focused on the education of young chemists was established at the University of Ostwestfalen-Lippe/Germany with the financial support of the SEPAWA e.V.

The SEPAWA e.V. comprises three expert groups and an integrated society that regularly hold lectures and workshops: the Legislative-Environment-Consumers (LUV) section, the Professional Cleaning and Maintenance Unit (PRP), the Cosmetic Applications and Technologies (CAT) section and finally the German Society of Perfumers in the SEPAWA (DGP).

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