SEPAWA Awards 2015


SEPAWA Young Researchers’ Award

The yearly sponsored SEPAWA Young Researchers’ Award belongs to one of the prior activities of the association and serves promote recognition of qualified young upcoming generations. The prize is granted to students for excellent final qualifications in their bachelor thesis as well as for outstanding doctoral research study.
From the submitted theses the jury selected five prizewinners. In the category of outstanding bachelor thesis the first prize was conferred to Ilka Davina Nix, University of Applied Sciences Rhein-Waal, for her thesis «Characterisation of microbial communities in household washing machines». The second prize was conferred to Mathias Müller, University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe, for his thesis «Development of a sensitive pH-based method for the differentiation of different hair qualities» and the third prize was conferred to Insa Waller, University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe, for her thesis «Evaluation of skin substitute models for the characterisation of cosmetic moisturising materials».

Two prizes were given for excellent doctorate theses. One prize was given to Dr. Anna Klemmer, for her doctorate thesis acquired at the University of Cologne titled «A guide to formulation and application of flow-surfactant microemulsions in cleaning processes» and to Dr. Susanne Gorny for her doctorate thesis on «Modelling of performance and energy consumption of an electric household dishwashing system» obtained at the University of.

SEPAWA Innovation Award

Innovations are the key for growth and for competitiveness and an important pillar for our economy. Creating something entirely new is an important precondition to compete successfully in the global market. For the third time this year, the SEPAWA Innovation Award in the field of cosmetics, detergents and perfumery was awarded to three prizewinners. The prize is supposed to generate impulses for an active management of ideas in the member companies of SEPAWA. A neutral independent jury of 6 members from the scientific board of SEPAWA and of the Chairman of SEPAWA selected three prize winners.

The first prize was awarded to the company Firmenich, which was accepted by Geneviève Berger, Chief Research Officer at Firmenich for the innovative ingredient «Clearwood™, a new sustainable perfumery ingredient». Clearwood™ is a new sustainable perfumery ingredient obtained by fermentation of sugarcane. It offers a new woody building block to perfumers for all perfume categories, and it can also be used in combination with releasing technologies like microcapsules.

The second prize was awarded to the company Follmann GmbH, Minden, which was accepted by Dr. Klaus Last and Falk-Arnold Schlutter, for the technological innovation «Thermal triggered stable core/shell microcapsules for industrial applications». Follmann has succeeded in developing a new industrial applicable system for the spontaneous release and thermically initiated out of stable core/shell micro capsules by adjustable temperatures. As a key for this process special solvents have proven effective, which are mixed with the encapsulated core material.

The third prize was awarded to the company Amyris Inc, USA, and Safic Alcan, which was accepted by Holger Plate, for the innovation «Neossance® Hemisqualane — A sugar cane- derived sustainable alternative to silicones». Neossance® Hemisqualane is a new sustainable emollient with high spreading properties and a unique sensorial profile. It consists of a C15 hydrocarbon, which is produced fermentatively from sugar cane. The product is a unique natural alternative to ingredients based on mineral or silicon oil.
(Photo: K. Heyer)

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