PCHi 2015 Conference to Zoom in on the Latest Trends


Two New Topic Segments Announced for Upcoming Conference

Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (RSE) today announces a line-up of four conference tracks for the annual Personal Care & Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) Conference. Held next year from 12 – 14 March 2015, PCHi 2015 ( www.pchi-china.com/en) will boost the conference by introducing two new hot topic segments, and by continuing to partner with industry experts to co-organise each trend-focused track.

Elynn Xu, Project Manager, RSE, acknowledged, “Collaborating with established associations and publishers enriched our conference programme considerably at the last edition of PCHi, and we were able to bring in the best speakers to share global content with our delegates. This year, we plan to continue with the same arrangement, and are confident of putting together yet another robust conference programme with the strong support of our partners.”

The PCHi 2015 Conference programme features four tracks, covering Rules & RegulationsProduct and Technology, Marketing Trends, and Cosmetics Packaging. Each track will comprise several topic segments that will address the up-to-date challenges and trends within the cosmetics packaging, and the personal and home care ingredients industry.

Of the various topic segments within each track, ‘Botanical Whitening’ and ‘Packaging Design’ have been introduced to the Product and Technology, and Cosmetics Packaging tracks respectively. Both topic segments have been incorporated after careful consideration, with the aim of helping conference attendees gain a better understanding of the pertinent issues in these areas.

A hot topic in the beauty industry, botanical whitening is gaining popularity as consumers are increasingly trusting products with proven botanical functions to deliver the benefit of more even and brighter skin tones. Additionally, savvy consumers now expect more from beauty packaging. Appropriate packaging protects its contents and also leaves a strong impression on consumers, making it relevant for companies to learn about the influence that packaging commands. These two new topic segments will see professionals in each area sharing their knowledge, and fostering information exchange between the speakers and delegates.

“The PCHi Conference has always been one of the show’s highlights, and for the coming edition, we are presenting two new topic segments which we consider to have more opportunities for interaction and engagement,” Xu shared. “PCHi continues to be China’s leading international sourcing platform for the personal care industry and we pride ourselves on sharing timely and valuable information to companies operating in this industry. I look forward to working with new and existing partners for the conference, and to unveil the full conference programme in due time.”

The complete PCHi Conference programme will be released shortly. Industry professionals interested to view full conference details may visit the event website (http://www.pchi-china.com/en/Conference/Conference-Schedule/) or connect with PCHi on social media for regular updates about the conference.

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