New sustainable and biodegradable ingredient by Jojoba Desert

Feel the power of softness in the new sustainable and biodegradable ingredient by Jojoba Desert — JD Lusteris™, a multifunctional emollient with superior sensorial effect.

JD Lusteris™, is a unique premium emollient inspired by the cosmetic industry’s need for a green, responsibly sourced, sustainable alternative for silicones.

Originated from Jojoba Oil and manufactured through a solvent-free process, JD Lusteris™ offers an extraordinary light, silky, and sensory profile.

Offering sebum control properties, a deep soothing effect, and acne-prone skin improvement benefits, as well as hair and scalp protection, JD Lusteris™ is ideally suited for multiple applications, such as skin care, acne products, hair care, sun care, color cosmetics, and more.

Designed for formulators seeking to align their products with global sustainability and eco-friendly trends and regulations as well as offering a soft, smooth, silky texture, JD Lusteris™ offers all this and so much more.

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