Micro Powders, Inc. launches ultimate biodegradable exfoliant… Bioscrub

Micro Powders, Inc. announces the commercial launch of Bioscrub — their revolutionary new biodegradable exfoliant technology.

New patent-approved Bioscrub meets all environmental requirements of current and proposed microbead legislation, while providing the same high-performance exfoliation of irregular polyethylene beads. Bioscrub is produced from naturally derived polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) powders via the bio-fermentation of sugars. It is completely non-irritating, effectively abrasive and stable in formulations. PHB is classified as «Readily Biodegradable» in both marine and freshwater environments as listed in the OECD standards.

«The need for microbead alternatives with the same feel as polyethylene beads remains one of the most active trends in the market,» — said Deena Strauss Kornblau, Micro Powders CEO. «Bioscrub is a great solution because it combines polyethylene-like performance with the broadest biodegradability profile of any commercially available exfoliant technology.

Bioscrub is available in a range of particle sizes to meet the formulators needs

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