InterCHARM 2014 to represent beauty industry trends from every fourth country of the world

InterCHARM 2014 — international perfumery and cosmetics exhibition, the largest in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe, represented new trends of worldwide beauty industry from 22 till 25 October in Moscow.

RBC.Research estimated Russian perfumery and cosmetics market at USD 16,5 bln (RUR 485 bln). Ranked as #4 consumer market in Europe it grows by 10-12% annually, twice as dynamic than global market. This has led to 57% growth over the past 5 years. Russia was and will remain 6th most attractive region for investment in the works and 70% of investors view Russia domestic market as the most attractive with its 143,5 mln consumers. In fact, about 40% INTERCHARM shows’ visitors are intended to discover novelties at the exhibitions.

During 4 beauty days of InterCHARM, its splendid two-storied exhibition space has represented:

  • 920 exhibiting companies from 33 countries as follows: Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, UAE, Oman, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, USA, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK, Ukraine;
  • 300 companies first time participated in the show;
  • more than 3500 perfumery and cosmetic brands from 48 countries;
  • 13 national pavilions;
  • 17 sections of the exhibition with two premieres: Green Valley and Be@uty in Internet sections;
  • 20 unique onsite events;
  • numerous professional workshops on stands.

Today InterCHARM is invaluable platform for new business opportunities, expert knowledge of Russian and worldwide markets, win-win experience, showcases, launches of new products, services and technologies in Russia and CIS.

61,294 visitors have visited the huge InterCHARM 2014 exposition divided into 17 sections:

  • Perfumery and Cosmetics
  • Beauty Salon & Institute
  • Spa
  • Nail Service
  • Hairdressing
  • LA NICHE. Niche cosmetic products
  • Green Valley. Natural and organic cosmetics
  • Farma + Beauty
  • Products for beauty and health
  • Be@uty in Internet. Online shops
  • ZOOM. Innovative and niche products
  • National pavilions
  • Russian manufacturers pavilion
  • InterCHARMpack. Packaging
  • Formulaction. Raw materials and ingredients
  • Novelties Gallery
  • Fashion Accessories Salon

Supporting environmental trend, last year InterCHARM presented ECOHOME, special show section dedicated to eco-friendly products for home care. This area got a great interest among visitors, retailers and media representatives. This year there has been created a new expanded section called "Green Valley". Here, 49 companies from 20 countries represented over 100 brands of organic and natural cosmetics, eco-friendly household cleaning products, cosmetics for home care, as well as food additives and nutraceuticals. Cosmetics based on hemp oil and Carlsbad salts, deep-sea algae and grasses of the Altai – it was a chance for visitors to discover the most natural trends of the season.

Vladimir Solomonov, the official importer of Dvorec Trebnik cosmetic products (Slovenia), “Green Valley” exhibitor of InterCHARM 2014: "We were pleasantly surprised that Dvorec Trebnik got stable attention at “Green Valley” in the context of 3500 cosmetic brands represented at InterCHARM. This fact lets us to successfully achieve all the goals of our participation and to see clearly the effectiveness of participation in this show".

Additionally, “Green Valley” guests have become acquainted with the work of certification authorities “ECOCERT” (France) and BDIH (Germany), whose certification systems are highly recognized by the international professional community as the ecological guarantee of certified products.

Sections of InterCHARM 2014 includes wide range of products for home and personal care, liquid and powder detergents, cleaners for indoor surfaces, cosmetics for washing, disinfection and sterilization for manicure, pedicure and cosmetology instruments, equipment and appliances, showers, sanitary equipment, skin antiseptics, wet wipes, liquid soap, baby diapers, personal female hygiene products, air fresheners, automotive chemicals and many more.

It was impossible to run the eye through all 48 brands of niche perfumery in posh LA NICHE corner – this section has beckoned both amateurs and professionals for its unique aromas during all show days, some of them have spent for a few hours getting to know perfumery of Russian tea and flavors with motifs of alcohol and brine. LA NICHE is filled with enchanting histories of fragrances created in different parts of the world and packed in luxury vials.

Beside the end-products, InterCHARM shows its components – raw materials and packaging. InterCHARMpack and Formulaction sections have been created to bring together participants from all over the world to represent ingredients and innovative technologies and equipment for perfumery and cosmetics manufacturing, as well as packaging options and exclusive packaging design.

This October, Russian professionals discovered exclusive Australian cosmetics with extracts of sheep placenta, emu oil, black snails’ mucin and monoperfumery with the scent of ground and thunderstorms – advanced innovations of Russian and foreign companies in the field of technology, format, concept, packaging, ingredients and creative promotion are annually represented in ZOOM section. The concept of ZOOM is based on narrow consumer audience principle paying attention to its race, profession, geography, social status, sexual orientation and special interests.

Unprecedented international dimension of InterCHARM is back in action! China, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Korea, Spain, Poland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Morocco have organised their own atmosphere at their national pavilions to show the achievements of its leading companies to Russian industry. Visitors have seen the full spectrum from raw materials and packaging to the innovations in cosmetology procedures. There was a special exhibition space plain with Russian national patterns to highlight Russian manufacturers pavilion.

Olga Strelets, Deputy General Director, KLAPP Cosmetics, Russian office: "The show is organised very competently – the exposition is divided by thematic and content in four exhibition halls. Our German delegation headed by Mr. Klapp has come to enjoy InterCHARM and first of all was surprised with the scale of stands – power and beauty led to the idea of prosperity and development of Russia. The latest technologies, innovative cosmetics and advanced cosmetology equipment are strong preconditions that allow Russia to gradually occupy the leading position in the global cosmetology market".

Invaluable professional parallel program is one more InterCHARM’ feature to plunge into the atmosphere of beauty industry raising the skills as well as learn the secrets of success share the experience and enjoy the most beautiful exhibition of Russia.

Shortly after the show opening, annual Forum of perfumery and cosmetics market directors "Supplier in the Chain" had started to find the right answers on the following specific questions. What perfumery and cosmetic products are eager to put on the retailers’ shelves? How to build a dialogue with them? How to choose the right chain and the type of cooperation? Armed with this knowledge, suppliers have talks with 38 chains’ representatives during Wholesales Chain Center™. This unique event have brought retailers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod and Kirov:, A5 pharmacies, Victoria (Diksi Division), OlGood, Utkonos, Rigla, Doctor Stoletov, Avoska, Vitrum, etc.

As known, modern business increasingly require extraordinary marketing solutions both in terms of product and promotion. For the first time at InterCHARM there was a special program "Neuromarketing: how it works in the cosmetics market", organised by the Perfumery and Cosmetics Association of Russia (PCAR) and the Institute of Neurosciences and Cognitive Studies of Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities. Famous neuromarketing and related sciences experts have shed some light on numerous highly effective techniques. Participants has learned how to take the effect of smell and texture of the product, how to choose the only one appropriate design and to increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and website operations.

The show program has included also the Nail Service School with bright master classes on the classic men’s manicure, Zhostovo painting technique and incredible patterns on nails. Moreover, speakers of the III International Congress of Podology have raised highly specialized issues related to the onychocryptosis, keratolysis and fungal infections treatments, as well as aspects of orthotics and toenails prosthetics.

Another well-known business card of InterCHARM is professional championships, where the best professionals competed in the context of events held onsite the show.

  • Competitions on the classic and masculine attache manicure, combined pedicure, nail modeling, creative design with gel lacquers, on the best technology in the Spa-pedicure enabled the best Russian and foreign beginners and masters to demonstrate their professional skills on InterNailCHARM 2014 Fall Nail Cup & Festival;
  • Masters and professionals of eye-lashing have competed for prizes in two technical categories (ciliary and volumetric buildups) and two creative categories (image and photoimage) of the IV International "Kolibri-Fest" Charity Eyelash Championship;
  • Many demonstration performances and shows of Russian and foreign massage schools, master classes with exclusive spa-massage programs and professional competitions held under the auspices of the VII International Spa-Massage Championship;
  • XV International Makeup Artists Championship of Russia had filled the InterCHARM’ venue with colors and luster of jewelry in makeup. Fantasy, technology and modern trends combined in vibrant improvisations, which had been created during 45 minutes of contest time;
  • VI Championship of Hairdressers and Stylists of Russia, the most prestigious Russian competition among private masters and their colleagues from beauty salons, had taken its place at InterCHARM 2014.

The highlight of the InterCHARM 2014 parallel program is popular You.Prof.Show.2014 that combines spectacular shows and workshops of industry leaders. The show program has included the master-classes of Wella Professionals celebrity stylist Alexander Krasheninnikov and new collection of Revlon Professional, and men’s haircuts and shaving workshop from American Crew.

At the second time in InterCHARM’ history, award ceremony for the winners of the My Cosmetics National Award and BIO.RUS Competition for the best natural perfumery and cosmetic products of the year, had its special place in the context of the show’s main stage program. Both projects are organised by Perfumery and Cosmetics Association of Russia and supported by InterCHARM, following the main idea to develop the industry with the demonstration of its best achievements and high quality standards of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Elena Tuzova, Director, Time Exclusive LLC, the exclusive representative of ILLYSSIA professional cosmetics: XXI InterCHARM Exhibition has bring together at one platform lots of brands from all over the world putting at the forefront the idea of healthy competition in the cosmetics market and the ability to see all the beauty industry trends at once. InterCHARM has once again confirmed its importance and relevance. InterCHARM is upscale beauty-space that brings confidence, beauty and joy”.

Karina Kozerska, Marketing Director, Eveline Cosmetics (Poland): “Participation in the Exhibition, besides being a prestige for our company, is also a great opportunity to present our new products and technologies. This year for the second time already as the only Polish company we received the gold medal for Gold & Diamonds line of innovative products. This award is very important for us as it influences the increase of sales, making our products more and more popular among the customers”.

Andrei Mukhin, Brand manager, Fratti NV: “InterCHARM is the line which is our company is has to follow and the starting point for a new round of development for Fratti NV. The show presents the unique opportunity for us as producers to search for new suppliers and distributors. This is a great chance to meet reliable business partners and compare notes with our competitors. Over four intense days we have reached the goals and objectives identified the future for our company. We are pleased to take part into InterCHARM 2015".

For the past four days of InterCHARM 2014, "Crocus Expo" had held hundreds of business, educational and entertainment events, as well as thousands of business meetings at stands.

New stories of success are ready to be written at INTERCHARM exhibitions in 2015!

INTERCHARM professional Saint Petersburg, for the second time in Northern capital of Russia, will take place from 25 till 27 February, and shortly after it, INTERCHARM professional will take place in Moscow, from 16 till 18 April. InterCHARM 2015 is scheduled on the next October, from 21 till 24. It means that during the next year INTERCHARM will open its doors to professionals from all over the worlds for three times! Emotions and colors, new business opportunities, profit and effectiveness in worldwide perfumery and cosmetics market mean INTERCHARM.

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