Merck, a leading science and technology company, announced today that it has launched Ronastar® Royal Sparkle. This new, refined premium pearl luster pigment takes the Ronastar® range to a new level – for high-quality cosmetics with exceptional optical and haptic effects. It imparts an intense sparkle and fascinating brilliance to skincare formulations and decorative products alongside a soft and especially smooth skin feel.

Second Smart Effects product launch
Ronastar® Royal Sparkle is the second new product from the Smart Effects innovation program. These premium effect pigments feature extraordinary optical effects complemented by additional properties. Smart Effects comprises two pillars: «Effects of Light» and “Revolutionize Performance”. In the spring, the pigment innovation Timiron® Halo White was introduced under the first pillar. With a natural sparkle, this product refines facial features, setting shimmer and light accents. And thanks to its special optical and haptic properties Ronastar® Royal Sparkle forms part of the second pillar, which offers a combination of fascinating effects along with additional advantages such as stability, processing and effect in the cosmetic product.

Small particles – impressive appearance
Ronastar® Royal Sparkle stands out due to its tremendous multidimensional sparkle: Owing to their amplified reflection, the particles of the silver-white powder appear larger than they really are, thereby underscoring the trends towards exceptional sparkle, mirror effects and metallic appearance. «Ronastar® Royal Sparkle is the first encapsulated pigment within our cosmetic pigments portfolio,» explained Alexander Peters, Global Marketing Head of Decorative Pigments at Merck. «With its added effects and glitter, it is particularly suited for glamorous and high-quality cosmetics”. Another advantage of the encapsulation technology is that effect pigment improves the skin feel and adhesion of products for a long-lasting impact.

Cosmetic ingredients from Merck: Merck is a leader manufacturer of ingredients for the cosmetics industry. Along with decorative effect pigments, the company offers its customers functional solutions in the field of skin care and protection. In particular, effect pigments and functional products are used in many cosmetic products and in packaging in order to provide color, luster, gloss and other effects and to strengthen brand identity. Merck offers a wide range of active ingredients used in skin care cosmetics to protect the skin against UV radiation and premature aging. More information about the range of products offered by Merck can be found at www.merck4cosmetics.com.

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