“Nature-Based Body Sculpting” introduces a new era of management for cellulite, fat reduction, saggy skin toning, as well as lipo-filling for loss of youthful fat.

Body products are growing, especially in Asia, which is increasingly a global trend-setter. The new message for body products is think “preventative”, not just a quick-fix, when it comes to capturing true body sculpting results. Just as we are learning about clean eating and daily exercise, Body Sculpt Lotion should be worn daily for instant hydration relief and long-term preventative anti-age, adipose management.

Body Sculpt Lotion is for everyone who wants to improve current cellulite, creping and sagging skin issues, but to also initiate a preventive plan. Serious gym and exercise people will love how this can add even more body benefit to their hard work.

Two new ingredients take unusual paths to combat cellulite and cause fat reduction and toning areas of abdomen, thighs and arms…

One ingredient speaks to Circadian Rhythm: Many biological processes in the body are directed by a central "body clock" which happens to be light sensitive, and functions best during nighttime rest. Disruption of this clock, from lack of sleep, jet lag or health issues can impair the smooth function of these processes. This includes the process of lipid accumulation in adipocytes cells. If the clock is out of whack in other words, it can result in additional lipid accumulation leading to cellulite. This “nocturnal” ingredient can help make up for the disruption of the clock and thereby avoid excess lipid accumulation leading to cellulite. The result from this active is a reduced thigh contour and smoother skin.

The second ingredient mimics, via topical application, what endurance exercise does to firm and tone the body! It activates Type 1 muscle fibers, which decrease stored lipid accumulation in adipocytes. The result is measurable contour improvement of the abdomen, arms and thighs.


  • Active ingredient has clinically shown to sculpt the way aerobic exercise does without the gym (Best results when paired with exercise)
  • Active ingredient has clinically shown to firm and tone areas of the abdomen, thighs and arms
  • Active ingredient has clinically shown to reduce cellulite by releasing the level of stored fat
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