Etma presents tubes of the year 2014: highest quality printing and design. small tubes really big

At this year`s congress of the european tube manufacturers association (etma) in Milan, a jury comprising association members selected winners in the Aluminium Tubes, Plastic Tubes, Laminate Tubes and Prototypes categories. The experts were particularly impressed by the innovative solutions in the form of small tubes and the excellent examples of exceptional design and fantastic printing quality.

The winner of the Aluminium Tube category was the Igora Hair Coloration tube, which was produced by Tubex Wasungen of Germany. The colour of the tube changes in extremely fine gradations from orange on the reverse of the tube to a fascinating pink on the front. The combination of aluminium and unique colours produces the dazzlingly iridescent colour gradient. The brand name is in reversed-out printing and the shimmering aluminium literally puts on a glittering performance for the brand. Swinging and dynamic, lively and exciting and thus a perfect fit for the Igora Vibrance product range.

The first place in the Laminate Tube category went to the AXE Peace tube from Essel Deutschland for Unilever`s European product launch. Here the jury was impressed by the transparent window at the end of the tube, the absence of any disruptive side seam (thanks to 360°C inviseam technology), the high covering power of the inks in the non-transparent areas and the unusual design of the welded tube end. The tube was manufactured from a transparent laminate with a plastic barrier. The printing is the result of a combination of flexo and screen printing processes with additional special metallic silver printing for the AXE logo and other design elements.

The Dermophil Expert Soin Universel small-format tube from Alba took home the first prize for plastic tubes. With its My Little Cap, the French tube manufacturer offers the smallest flip-top cap currently available on the market. Dermophil Expert commissioned the development of the snap-on flip-top cap, which is suitable for tubes of 16 and 19 mm diameter, for its Soin Universel product series. This special appearance means these tubes also perfectly match the larger tubes in the series and thus give the whole product range a uniform look. The cap`s very high pull-off force makes the tube childproof. It can also be opened and closed again easily with one hand and is ideal for smaller packs for travel, product samples, promotions and any applications requiring a small dose.

A solution for an extremely small tube also won through in the Prototypes category. With its Miniwing closure Hoffmann Neopac of Switzerland presented an ergonomic cap solution for smaller tube formats with diameters from 10 to 25 mm. Customers often have difficulty opening and closing such small tubes. The Miniwing solution helps here. Thanks to small reinforcements on the cap consumers can better grip and turn it, and their hands do not slip off so easily. The Miniwing closure fits all standard nozzle heads and all dropper tubes to give well-dosed and precise application.

Gregor Spengler, Etma`s Secretary General, was pleased with the quality of the entries and the decision of the jury: “The winning tubes make clear where the journey is heading. And that can be taken literally here. Ever greater mobility is fuelling the trend towards smaller and extremely small packs. And the tube is simply perfectly placed for such applications: being stable and unbreakable, with high standards of hygiene and the best barrier properties for optimal product safety. Innovations are leading to better handling and added convenience. Today one no longer has to forego one`s usual products when travelling. This strengthens a brand and encourages product loyalty. Furthermore, exciting designs and unbelievable print quality produce sensational appearances at the point of sale and a great brand presence.

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