Experience of DieterBakic: How Brand should go for the market

During insertion of the brand on the market the company and a brand manager face a huge number of questions:

  • What brand we bring to the market
  • Portrait of the buyer – who is he?
  • That influences on this buyer
  • Than can attract its new brand
  • What expectations the buyer will have on this brand
  • What information channels use the target buyer that this is exactly where the brand presence should be tangible?
  • Where to sell ….

All this can be characterized in a word:

D i l e m m a

Our world is so saturated with different types of goods and services that it becomes very difficult to find a niche for a new product.  Sometimes you need a lot of time and resources to find the answers to all questions that arise when entering into a new project or re-positioning an existing one.

The new project is always "the closed eyes" at the beginning and the speed of opening of understanding "Where we go" depends on professionalism of team, and from desire to create something new, and from financial opportunities of the company.

Companies DieterBakicEnterprises and DieterBakicDesign work at the market of cosmetic packing many years and therefore they are able to help their partners and clients with permission of this DILEMMA.

BRAND is always a story. It’s a value which is born by the company to the buyer, it’s a company vision – why this brand is essentially necessary in the market.

Brand creation, it’s embodiment in life, development, impact on the buyer, design of a brand and it’s communication with world around, a promo-branding and structure – all this you receive, coming with "the closed eyes" to DieterBakic.

The brand doesn’t begin with packaging – it begins with history.

Thanks to the experience of companies in the market of beauty industry, professionals will help you "to open eyes" and to create the NEW BRAND for your buyer to whom the history of a brand and its value is interesting.

You receive not only packaging and a vision of your brand; you receive an effective tool kit, thoughts and the plan of interaction of a brand with the final buyer.

Working with us, you from the very beginning of a way,  will already possess knowledge and the materials helping you correctly and in time  remove the Brand for the market.


For simple understanding of all concepts of services,  take  a picture in mind:

Everything that disturbs you – the sounded Dilemma is your organism which functions  itself.   Everything,  that on the right  – is clothes, footwear, handbags, jewellery, your gait.   It is your style which you create that people around perceived you. 

And from with what success you create the style, your success in life depends.

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